Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Missionary Moment from Mama Rika

To any of you that just got more than two blog updates from me via email--I apologize profusely!  My automatic sending program seems to have a glitch or two.  I will be calling customer support tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.

Here is what we heard from Missionary #2 this week.  

 i really look forward to the letters you guys send. They come right on monday night and I get to read them and send you back stuff on tuesday.
I really don't like the MTC keyboards here, the shift button and other buttons are sticky and often don't work. So if I'm missing capitalization, I'm blaming the keyboard. :)
When S goes to the MTC make sure he brings extra gym shorts and shirts and socks. We go to gym every day, and I've had to break down and buy socks and a shirt from the bookstore I'm probably going to break down and buy more gyms shorts too.... It's always overly priced there, which bugs me, but they do give the missionaries a 40% discount so I don't feel so bad when I buy stuff.
Sorry I can't send pictures yet... MTC computers don't let you do that. I think it's kind of silly as that's the main reason I wanted to send emails, but no big deal, I'll make sure to send stuff when I get out in the field. All of the other elders here think that my camera is ridiculously ancient looking. They keep asking if I need to go develop the film. lol. I"ve named the camera Betsy and I won't let them make fun of her anymore, it hurts her feelings.
Oh! Kind of a funny thing i've been wanting to tell you. As the District Leader I'm supposed to go get the mail after lunch and after dinner. The elders in my district have begun to think that i don't get the mail fast enough. Now, towards the end of every meal, they start saying "mail?...Mail? mail? .... Mail?" much like the seagulls from Finding Nemo that say "Mine... mine... mine Mine Mine" We get some pretty great looks when I'm walking toward the mailbox with a flock of elders chanting "mail" behind me.
Everything is going great so far, love you tons!
Elder Brayden Connole

Here is a picture a friend of mine shared with me--her parents are also at the MTC right now!  :)

And, in case you didn't catch Missionary #1's update already this week, here it is..



Sounds like his Mission President thought he was feeling good enough for a transfer.  We'll just pray that he keeps feeling better and better!

So ya I got changed. I am now in a fishing city called Ilo, its about 5 hours away from Arequipa. My new companion is E. Ramirez, also from Lima, like E. Sulcaray but a different part. I actually kinda guessed that I would be coming here, so I wasnt too surprised about the call. And the good thing about being Zone Leader is that you usually have a pretty good idea of who your companion will be. So yeah I will be here for 2 transfers and wow, then Im done. I know a lot of the Elders and Sisters already too, so it should be pretty easy to gain their confidence and get to work. 

Ilo tends to be kinda like Hunter where one month they do really good and the next month not quite as good, so we will be taking a look at that and see how we can get that to change so that we are baptizing every month.

Im gonna miss E. Sulcaray and all the cool people I met in Hunter. We had quite a bit of success over there and I dont see any reason why that shouldnt continue. And E. Ramirez and I will be having success here too. That I do know to be true.

Lets see so while I was there in Berlin we had a video night, where the ward, not us of course, watched a movie called Mr. Poppers Penguins, which I guess is a funny family oriented movie. The good part about it for us was that we got some references and we were able to bring a less active family that has a 9 year old son who hasnt been baptized yet, come. We also got free popcorn, soda and salchiconos. You know me, I like free food haha, actually I think all missionaries in general like free food haha. We had about 45 people there and I guess it turned out well from what the members told us. We didnt stick around very long after grabbing our snacks. The ´Lords work never stops. 

On Sunday it was also really nice because in my last Ward Council most of the council members, including Carlos who is now the new 1st counselor in the YM presidency, expressed their thanks and love for what I had done in the ward to help it progress. I had no idea that they felt some much love for me. They all committed to help E. Sulcaray out a lot more and to take care of the people in their organizations that we had baptized.

Anyways I dont have much time this week because of the transfers but I will have a better letter next week

Love ya

Elder Patrik Connole

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