Monday, November 21, 2011

Mama Rika Missionary Moment --A mailman and an angry elder

Missionary #2 says...

I am feeling much better now. Thank you so much for the package, oh! if you could throw a julboken ( think that's how you spell it) or something very swedish, that would be awesome. I'm going to need it for the 24th. Today's email will probably be a bit shorter than usual, our Pday is kind of different this week as Thanksgiving is coming up, so we're kind of switching days so we don't have to Proselyte on Thanksgiving. Anyway, it'll be much shorter this week than in weeks previous because we have about half of the time.
Thanks so much for the pics of D, I really enjoyed them. Looks like he's being a boss and dominating at the net. Have him write me so we can swap volleyball stories. I played a bunch up at BYU and basically every day at the MTC.
I'm excited to get the letter back from W. Maybe we'll have to keep this up by adding a little more each time to a different picture. That could be really fun. How is A doing btw?
did I mention my companion and I just now started driving a 12 passenger van for our mission vehicle? Awesome! Lol it's really great to show up to an investigator in that beast, I mean they already think we mormons are a little strange, why don't we just advertise it a little more?
We got to listen to E. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve this past weekend. Wow! It was amazing! He came down for stake conference, and decided that he wanted to make sure to talk to all the missionaries in the mission. This was the first time in mission history that all mission got together in one large group. Our mission area covers parts of 6 states, so it's really difficult to get everyone together. To get from one side of the mission to the other probably takes about 10 hours or so. Some of the missionaries got up at 4:30 and drove for 5 hours to come see E. Anderson. I was only 20 min away from the Sissenville chapel that E. Anderson was speaking in. He actually came to the stake I'm currently serving in. It was pretty awesome to have all those missionaries gathered in one place.
A cool thing that E. Anderson did was to give us a promise as an apostle. We had a short Q and A session with him and Elder Seldon of the 70. In response to one of the Elders who had expressed concern for his mother who was just now starting to reactivate in the church and having struggles doing so, He said (I may have mixed up the order of things a little bit, but the main idea is still there) "No goodness, or unselfish, or righteous act that you do on your mission will ever do anything but help you, your posterity, those around you, and your family." Then he told the elder to talk to him afterwards so that he could write a note to his mother. The elder's biggest concern was how to best help his mother, and in response we all were given the promise from the mouth of an apostle of the Lord. It was amazing. 
Pretty great right? Being with Elder Anderson was awesome! When E. Anderson was talking about how we often feel inadequate for our callings or the things that we are assigned to do in the church. He said that he really felt that way when he was called to be a part of the Quorum of the Twelve. To kind of emphasize his point, he said that he was talking to President Monson one time, and somehow he brought up the fact that within a month of President Monson becoming an Apostle, Elder Anderson was being ordained a deacon. Crazy right?!? Presdient Monson has been an Apostle for a really, really long time. 48 years or something like that. Elder Anderson said that he has learned not to compare himself to others, and encouraged us to do the same. He did say "Compare yourself to yourself." That is the best way to do it.
Another cool thing, the stake president here is the father of one of my friends, Courtney,  out at BYU. In fact, it was because of him I was able to attend 3 sessions of General Conference. His wife was on the lookout for me, and made sure to grab me right after the session with Elder Anderson. She had promised Courtney that she would make sure to take care of me so that night she bought a gift card for wendy's that me and my companion were going to share. She said she hoped I served in her area so that she could feed us.  Speaking of fast food, I really don't like fast food restaraunts... especially taco bell. We eat out way too much as missionaries, it's really not fun. :( I've gained about 6 pounds since I left for the MTC. That's the more than what I've gained in the last 3 years!  Eh it's not all bad though, I could the extra warmth for the winter coming up.
It has actually not been to bad up here. We've had a car (now a van) with a beautiful thing called a heater. :) Either way though, it's been pretty nice temperature wise up here. There's been a few days where it's been pretty cold (we had a light snow on Tuesday) but it's apparently been unusually warm for around here. I just overheard one of the librarians even saying it was supposed to get up to 70 degrees tomorrow. I don't know how accurate that will be, but it's been close to 60 during the days. Cold, but not freezing yet. I keep trying to convince E. Ames (he's from Spokane, Washington) that freezing is actually at 50 degrees, he thinks it's at 10 below. I always tell him that Arizonans freeze at 50 so he might just have to carry an Elder Connole Popsicle around during the winter.
Random fact: I saw a lady with a fairly defined beard...
Another random fact: I was accused of being a mailman at 7 o'clock when we were tracting last week. The guy we were talking to kept asking "you're sure you're not a mailman?" while we were talking to him. Maybe he was expecting an important letter or something... Idunno. I should have just said "Yes, and I have a package for you" and gave him a Book of Mormon, but I didn't think about it until about an hour or so later.
Anway, love ya tons! I look forward to hearing from you every week, and Happy THANKSGIVING!
Elder Brayden Connole

Missionary #1 says...
 Thanks for the thought about the goodies. I hope that my card is working this go around so that I can take out the money. D looks like he plays well
Sorry this lettler is gonna be short but this computer is LAME sauce. the connection is bad and the keyboard sucks. So yeah Sorry..
We had a baptism this week. 12 year old Eduardo, he was soooo excited for his baptism and I was a little be more excited than normal because for the first time in my whole mission I was gonna baptize in warm water. HA not! The water was boiling hot on top and cold on the bottom! Oh Peru....but we got him dunked which is the important part. He is a part member family that we had found a couple weeks ago and now his mom is going to church too, and his younger sister, who turns 8 in a couple weeks, so we will baptize her too. Even though it wont count towards the mission she needs to get baptized as well so that will  be a couple powerful experiences for this family that needs it so much.
The grandma was at the baptism too and now she wants to listen to us as well sweet!
So yeah another cool thing that we did was go to arequipa, usually we head up on a bus,  (like a greyhound bus type) but when we went to go buy tickets for the 4 of us (the distrcict leaders went with us) there werent any. So we took a car to moquegua, and then we took a minivan to arequipa. Kinda sketchy I know but hey, we had to get there. We had a meeting with Elder Gaugh, who is the area doctor. 2 things about him. 1 he is british and 2 he doesnt speak spanish. So the entire presentation was  him speaking very limited spanish and him acting out (in a very, very dramatic fashion) what he wanted us to understand lol. it was pretty ridiculous. At the very end he was talking about how to combat stress that comes when somebody yells angrily at you. He called up a big american elder to yell at him in a very mad tone of voice but the poor guy couldnt do it. So he just made a generall plea out for someone to help him and so I headed on up to the stage and did my best of impression of Angry Elder Connonle. Lol he loved it so much that he madre me do it about 19 times while he demostrated how you could turn the mad voice into something else tso that it didnt seem as bad. haha
well times up
Elder Patrik Connole

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