Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mama Rika Missionary #1 Update-- Hard Habits

Note...Methinks Elder Connole #2 must have gotten transferred since I didn't get an email from him this week. Also, I moved my "disclaimer" to the bottom of the email, so it isn't in the way of your weekly reading.  lol

Wow, another week has gone by, I can´t believe it. I´ll be home in 5 weeks. woah. crazy,.
Oh hey before I forget, I can do Skype again this year but I dont remember my account I think it was pconnole and i dont remember the password and also what time can we do it? What would be best for bub and you guys, I can do it at any time so just let me know.
Anyways, this week we were working pretty hard it was kinda crazy with all the transfers because they sent both our DL to other zones, ánd presidente didnt asign new ones until thursday. That just makes life harder on us Zone Leaders. But yeah there were 3 baptisms in the zone and we have a lot planned this week, so we are gonna be working hard core to get this baptisms down.
So yeah lets see here how´d this week go? Monday after internet we went and played soccer like usual and got to know the zone, so that was fun. Then we went and taught R, who was that reference we got from the Patriarch. Oh man he is a funny dude, like it seems like he doesnt understand everything that we teach him but he acutally really does. And he loves to kid with us. We taught him every day this week and have gotten him to stop drinking and he is down from a box of cigarretes to just 1 or 2 a day. We are praying really hard that he will be able to get over this addiction that he has. I know that he can do it it just that he has been smoking for more than 50 years so its a really tough habit to give up. We gave him a blessing and we are working with him for a baptism on the 24th of this month. I was on splits with E. Espinoza this week and we taught his wife, she was also way cool and after we watched a movie she felt the spirit so strongly that when we told her that her husband was gonna get baptized, she said ¨When is the baptism so that I can get baptized too¨! SWEET! But then we found out that she would be going to an treatment in Arequipa for all of December...lol that aint stopping her. She said that she would come  back that day so that she could get baptized. But now we have the problem of teacher her. So...we are gonna talk to the asistentes (Remember E. Lowe who I trained?) and see if they can teach her but yeah.
That was on thursday and guess what Christmas came early this year as we now have CELL PHONES!!!!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!! So yeah for the first time in the history of Mision Peru Arequipa all the ZL have cell phones. So nice! Oh man we are pumped to have it. And on top of that I got yours and mormor´s packages :) So yeah it was a good day lol.
We have also been working with that family that we found who live in the Jungle. Well turns out that they are really really cool and we got them to church this week. But they are haing some doubts about their need to get baptized again. Like they were baptized in a evangelist church by inmersion so they think that that is valid. Sigh, unfortunately they have yet to entirely grasp the concept of priesthood authority. But thats ok, becuase we have yet to teach the entire restoration lesson. We will focus them on that and have them pray about Joseph Smith (in spanish its José Smith) and yeah they´ll be good to go. So we are excited for them. They also have a 15 year old daughter that we havent really met yet and a 27 year old daughter who needs to get married first. So hopefully they will also want to get baptized with them. We still have to teach them a lot but yeah.

And so thats whats been going on. We are working hard, and I am really enjoying the opportunity that E. Webb and I have to work together again.
Love you all
Elder Patrik Connole
 Disclaimer.. Please feel free to read what interests  you on the blog and disregard the rest.  My feelings will not be hurt if you don't read every word I write.  LOL :)  My goal at the forefront currently IS STILL... to get settled in to our new place, so things may be a little hit or miss for a bit.  My plan--and perhaps it will work exactly as planned--is to return to the blog world for "real" by the time the new year rolls around. 

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