Monday, February 6, 2012

Mama Rika's Missionary Update...Hurray for Strange Mission Food!

Sorry no letter updates for a couple of weeks.  I will try to do better!  Of note, he was able to get his arm out of the sling, but is under orders from his Mission President and Wife that he is not to play sports for the duration of his mission because if his shoulder goes out again, he will have to go home.  Even though this is a blow for this very sporty guy, he is taking it in stride, all with a positive attitude.  Personally, speaking as the Mom, I think it will be a good thing for his shoulder and give it plenty of opportunity for healing so that by the time he comes back home, he may never have another moment's trouble with it again.  I shall suggest practicing fancy footwork and jogging as an alternative to his weekly basketball games.  LOL

So this week:
We went thrift store shopping, and Elder A found two suits for $2.00 total.  (In the picture is him in one of the suits.  No, it's not approved, and he doesn't plan on wearing it on his mission, but he got it for free, and is sending it home) and I decided to jump in on the pic. Elder D was taking the picture, and he said that it looked like Aladdin and Abu... I don't know how I got to be the monkey of the companionship.... I didn't find any that really fit me, but I'll keep an eye out for something in the future.

Note...I have no idea why the pics turned sideways, after a couple failed attempts to get them to upload properly, I have decided ya'll will just have to turn your head!  Sorry!

So... kind of a weird day overall. The zone leaders throughout all the mission were gathering in Charleston for zone leader council. The ZL's from blacksburg, I believe, were given a ride from a younger guy in their ward named C. C had just gotten his mission call to london, and while they zone leaders were in zone leader council, C came and worked with us.
We had set up some some drop in lessons with single sisters and with solid investigators so that we could best utilize the time with having a member with us. Unfortunately, everything fell through. So we ended up tracting a road nearby.C said he enjoyed it, and that he hadn't ever tracted a street before with the other missionaries, so it was good practice for him in a couple months when he leaves.  Normally we would have lessons to teach with people for most of the day, but that didn't happen today.
If you're getting ready to leave on a mission, make sure to go out with the full time missionaries as much as you can before you leave. Some of the experiences that I've had from working with the missionaries at home have really prepared me for full time service. Go as often as you can.
In the morning, I found profiles on of my parents and other people from the good old bear valley ward! Keep it up, I wish everyone had a profile. It's especially helpful when a nonmember goes on to, sees a profile of someone they know, it really helps them to open up. My trainer said that they started putting up billboards in several large cities in Washington, New York, and some other places. The church is really making a huge media push, and tons of people are recieving the gospel through It's sweet!
We had a lesson with an older couple later that evening. We were on exchanges with the zone leaders then, so it was a little bit different with the teaching style, but effective nonetheless. We have created a pretty good relationship with this couple and we were always able to strike up a good convesation with them, but it wasn't always easy to teach them about the gospel. I told them that we had a gift for them, (E. D, who i was on exchanges with, said later that he was super excited and wanted one too) and I pulled two copies of the Book of Mormon out, one for each of them. We taught the restoration lesson, and they were really excited ro read. It was a great lesson.
Had some solid contacts while tracting in the morning, gave out two copies of the Book of Mormon, and left them each something to read to answer a concern they had.
So, I finally ate some weird food! Yes! We went to dinner with a family in our ward, and they had made chili. The father said that he usually ate his chili with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... At first, we thought he ate them on the side of his chili, but we were wrong. He took the pbj, ripped it all up, and put it on the bottom of his bowl. Then he poured chili on top of it. It was pretty weird, his wife said we didn't need to eat the chili with the pbj, but I informed her that I hadn't eaten anything strange of my mission, and now was the time! I ate a bowl, and what do you know, it tasted like chili mixed with pbj. The surprising thing though was that it wasn't too bad. I'm probably never going to eat it that way again in my life, but it was not nearly as horrible as it sounds.
Later that night, all of our appointments fell through while we were with a member, so he bought us ice cream at baskin robbins
Pretty good day today we had a solid lesson with one of our investigators, she understands the importance of the book of mormon now, and said that she would join our church if she read and found it was true.
we had a couple of awesome experiences throughout the day, and we topped it off well too. As we were headed back home to our apartment, we drove past the exit heading toward Baskin Robbins, and we realized shortly thereafter taht we had coupons and cause to celebrate. So we turned around, and headed towards it. It was the same baskin robbins that we visited a few days ago, and the guy behind the counter recognized us. He said "Do you guys always wear white shirts and ties?" We responded in the affirmative and had a good conversation about missionary work. We gave him a card, and he gave us his phone number and said we could come by and teach him about the gospel. It was a pretty solid contact, plus he gave us each a free upgrade from a single scoop regular cone to a double scoop waffle cone. We might get ice cream there more often. :)
I guess we didn't really realize it was superbowl night until a nonmember invited us over for dinner and to watch the halftime show afterwards. We declined watching, but gladly accepted dinner. They have a son who is a convert, but they haven't joined yet. They love having the missionaries over, and they even bought the 6 of us in charleston a nice sweater for Christmas. Someday, maybe their hearts will be more open to hear the gospel and accept it in their lives.
Love you all! I hope you have a great week!

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