Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mama Rika Missionary Transferred

So... Good news bad news:
Good News: I took some pictures this week
Bad News: The library computers won't let me send them off
Good News: I may have a better chance of sending them off next week, since I'll be at a different library.
So tomorrow morning I'm getting transferred off to Richlands, one of the most southern parts of the whole Mission. Elder Ames and I are getting doubled out, and the Assistants are taking over our area. It pretty much rocked both of our worlds, we thought that at least one of us would be staying and the other one leaving. Apparently the Lord had other plans. 
How do I feel about all this change? Hmmmm... It's hard to say. On one hand, I've really grown to love this area and leaving it is really difficult,but on the upside Virginia is supposed to be pretty great, and a new area will be exciting. I'm definitely going to miss the people here,my companion, the ward members and investigators alike. But, life goes on, and new people and places are waiting. It's a bittersweet feeling.
This week leading up to Transfers has been a pretty good one, especially compared to the previous couple of weeks. It's been a whirlwind of activity and work.
After our normal Pday activities, we had dinner with a member at a restaurant. While we were there, a lady that the member knew joined us, and afterwards invited us to go take a tour of her house. We thought this was kind of odd, but we went anyway. The house didn't look like much from the outside, but the inside was incredible. It was completely decked out with different styles of decor in each room. The living room looked like an Egyptian museum with pillars and all, the bedroom was western style complete with a stagecoach bunk bed, and there were fake bookcases rather than doors scattered throughout the house. The coolest part though was the Electric Organ and the 150 yr old pedal pump wind organ she let me play. I don't know if you've ever tried to play a pedal pump organ, but it is really difficult,especially compared to just a normal piano. It's like riding a bike while playing the piano, the faster you go, the louder it gets. It was a pretty cool house to tour.
Later that evening, we had a lesson with our investigator, Dakotah. He was sick, but he still wanted to meet with us. We had a good lesson on baptism, and we hope that he'll get there soon. (Unfortunately, neither of us will be there anymore since we're both leaving the area)
We had exchanges with the Winfield Elders in our district. This was the first exchange I've been on where the Elder I was with was younger than me. It was kinda cool to switch roles from the junior to the senior companion for the day. I think the exchange went really well, we both learned a lot, and We were able to get a lot done.
We saw a less active member who missionaries have been trying to see for the past 7 or 8 months. Finally we got to meet with her, and she came out with her concern right away. She had been offended by someone in the church in the past, and had started attending church less and less because of it. We shared a short scripture with her after hearing her out. She was really appreciative of the visit, and wanted us to come back again. Hopefully we can get her to return to activity again.
We had a miracle lesson on Wednesday. We have this investigator who was a super solid referral. We met with him once, but he disappeared immediately afterwards and we hadn't been able to see him in over a month. We actually had planned to just stop by and get his address from his mom so we could find out where he went to. When we knocked on the door, to our surprise, he answered. He told us he had been in rehab for the past month, and had planned on moving up to Huntington to get away from his past and start over. He was only going to be in town for a couple hours, and we just happened to get there just in time to see him. We were able to teach a pretty solid lesson, and get his information so the Huntington elders could teach him. He was pretty excited to see us.
Random Fact: One of the members in our ward out her had her baby on Wednesday. Wednesday the 29th, Leap Day. So he'll only get a birthday every four years now. He can drive and date after his fourth birthday.
Not a ton to report for the day, we had a couple of fairly solid contacts that we gave copies of the Book of Mormon to, but not much else went on. Well... I guess we also made a hospital visit as well.
We went up to Cross Lanes today, an area we don't get out to very often. We drove around to a bunch of different people, but we didn't actually get to talk to anyone. However, when we came back to South Charleston we were able to follow up with a potential investigator, and teach him and his family a lesson. They had a little boy, whose name is the same as my 4 y/o brother's middle name, who was almost 4 and kept giving us hugs and kisses. He reminded me of my little bro a lot,  What a coincidence.
 It was raining somewhat sporadically all throughout the day, and turned pretty stormy toward the evening. We didn't think much of it, it was pretty wet and cold, but it wasn't storming any crazier than a typical Arizona Monsoon. We found out later that there were some tornado warnings in the area, and Walmart freaked out and went into lock down mode. We couldn't figure out what the big deal was though, I mean we were out in it, got pretty wet, but no real damage was done. It was a lot of hype over a little storm
We saw a lot of people today, but the best one was when we were with a recent convert. He was having a really rough day and really was grateful for the visit. We shared a scripture about how small and simple things bring to pass great things. E. Ames was playing with his kitty the whole time, and we had a bunch of laughs as the kitty tried to pounce the flyswatter in E. Ames hand. It was a small and simple thing that really helped to brighten the mood of the whole day for him. It really just reminded me to stop sometimes and smell the roses. Or in our case, watch as a cat tried to pounce a flyswatter.
President and Sister Pitt were at church on Sunday. The mission home is in our ward, but they aren't able to come all the time since he's visiting other wards in the mission. We also had a missionary senior couple there, two part time office sisters, and the regular 6 elders who are normally in the ward every week. After counting it all up, we had 10 full time missionaries, and two part time missionaries at church. It was cool to see the army of missionaries flood into the gospel principles class.
We had an awesome lesson of Charity. The teacher of the class related the parable of the good Samaritan and how charity was in every part of that story. President Pitt pointed out how the Samaritan can be related to Christ and how Christ saves us and nurtures us, leaves us in the hands of people who can help us, and pays for the debts we may have because of it. It was a cool analogy
 It snowed all through the night, and we woke up with about a 4 inch blanket of snow everywere. I wish I could attach the pictures I took....
We finally were able to meet with E again. She had been scheduled to be baptized last month, but disappeared on us a week before her baptism. We had a great lesson on the BoM and she knows it's true. She wants to attend church this week, and hopefully the new elders will be able to get her baptized.
We had dinner with some members, and they were really awesome. the food was fantastic, and they were just downright hilarious. He works at a hospital just down the road from the hospital I went to for my shoulder. Come to find out, apparently there are rumors floating around multiple hospitals in the area about a mormon missionary who was talking up a storm in the ER a couple months ago. We all found it a really strange coincidence that I just happened to be in the ER at the hospital with a dislocated shoulder a couple months ago. Hmmmm....
Well that's all for this week. I'll send off my next email on Monday. It'll be out in Richlands though, a lot of changes coming up.
Love Ya!

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