Monday, April 2, 2012

Mama Rika Missionary & Life Update & Pictures!

Just a brief update...I have been out sick for a couple weeks and Kevin fell downstairs and landed on his tailbone last week, so we have been kind of out of commission.  The big kids really got the opportunity for lots of service.  They took instruction well on fixing meals and willingly carried things up and down stairs for me.  They helped watch over the little guys and found it rather difficult to get anything else done when needing to be on constant baby alert.  Good kids.

And now I actually have three weeks worth of emails from my missionary to share, but I will just give you some highlights along with some of the pictures for this week.

Andy the frog that lives nearby.



Home Sweet Home

Mug shot.

Prized possession received from elder brother upon his return from Peru.

"We just had to get a picture with these adorable puppies!"

Pretty Building

"Wall Street is a little different here."


Rolling Hills

Where church meets

The awesomeness of 5 cracked eggs yielding 8 yolks.

More rolling hills.


An investigator did this to his sister's car...with a water balloon!
  Have a great week!

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