Monday, May 7, 2012

Mama Rika Missionary Update

The road to Celestial glory...

A spelling funny

The two companions thought it funny to see a drive through tobacco place.
Pre hot wings escapade.  
With the chef.
The wings

Begin eating

The carnage (as he called it)

Ointment to heal the blisters from the heat of the wings.  (Does this really sound like a good meal to you?)

The Weekly Report:

 Kind of a Topsy Turvey week. The days that we thought were going to be awesome were sub par, and the days we thought we'd struggle the most were the best days of this transfer.  Overall it was a great week. I love missionary work!
Great Pday, We had a great discussion with a less active member and her non member husband. She committed to read through D&C with us. We're kind of excited to read through it with her.
Nothing terribly unique today. We did Missionary work like usual. It's always nice to visit some of the older members of the branch. They give us cookies and ice cream :)
Had a couple of great lessons with our investigators. We taught a lesson to R, and it was one of the most powerful lessons we've had with him. The spirit was so strong, and he definitely felt it. He told us that he needed to just get some courage before he'll be baptized. He might as well be a member already though, he attends church, and is starting to attend activities, he fasted with us on fast Sunday, he knows all the members of the congregation, and he lives the commandments already. Might as well be a member. We'll be calling home from his house this coming Sunday.
So, Thursday was one of those days where every plan that could change did change. We had 3 scheduled appointments that fell through, and 2 service opportunities, one of which fell through, but we picked up another one. We had a spur of the moment dinner invitation, which was rescheduled twice through the day, but in all honesty it was a rather enjoyable day. We got a lot done.
For some of the service that we did, we helped Bro. VD,( our land lord, and the Elders Quorum President) mow his yard. Well, normally when I think of mowing a yard, I think of back in Arizona where we have almost dead grass, and flat ground. However, when you mow a yard in this neck of the woods you're usually mowing on a 45 to 89 degree slope, and the grass is green, wet and slippery.  It's no wonder that most people here mow while wearing cleats.
We had a wing night with one of the members here. We'd been planning to have one for a while, but we hadn't gotten around to it. He randomly called us, and asked if we could do it that night. We gladly accepted. His wings are know all around to be the best in the world. I have to admit, they were pretty good. (I attached some pics to a previous email I hope you got them)
We had a district meeting, the zone leaders came to this one with us. They decided to blitz our area for a couple hours, so I went with E. Brady and E. Stoven went with E. Vogl. We were tracting next to the V Ds house, and we started a conversation with their neighbors. They were really nice, and offered us a glass of water. They shied away whenever we brought up the Book of Mormon. But, we gave them a card with a 1 800 number they could call to request the Finding Faith in Christ DVD.
Well, E. Brady took advantage of the situation, and told the neighbor that we were planning to watch that DVD with the Van Dykes next week (we hadn't planned anything of the sort), and that she was more than welcome to come watch it with us. She agreed, and said she wanted to bring her husband along as well. It was really cool. Now we just have to inform the V Ds that we're coming over to watch a movie with them and their neighbors.
In the morning, we had originally planned to go tracting in the morning. Well, it started to rain, and tracting in the rain is no fun, and not very effective. (Nobody wants a soaking wet missionary to give them a water damaged copy of a book they don't know anything about) So instead, we figured it would be more productive to call and contact former investigators so we did.
We called a lady named K, and at first she went super protestant on us, and tried to Bible bash a bit. Well we asked if we could give her a BoM and, after a little persuasion, she accepted. She couldn't/didn't want to meet with us right then, but she said we could drop the BoM by at her house. We did, and also left her a chapter to read, Alma 32.
Well, she read the chapter and called us back during lunch. We talked to her again over the phone, and she went off on a lot of nonsense again, that neither E. Stoven or I understood, nor cared to understand. But we clarified some things. Then we told her we had an appointment to get to and gave her another chapter to read, 2 Nephi 31.
She read that chapter, and left us messages while we were in an appointment. This process went on all throughout the day, and she read and called us back about what she read. She told us that she didn't want to continue any further because she didn't think she had the gift of the holy ghost, but she ended up reading Joseph Smith's Testimony and called us back again. This time she had questions for us and had quit bashing with us. Again, we left her another reading assignment, and told her to call us again when she was done.
It was kinda cool to teach most of the Restoration Lesson, and a couple of parts of the subsequent lessons over the phone, and to see the change that she underwent as she read from the Book of Mormon. She hasn't called back since Saturday night, but we will be sure to follow up on her. If she keeps up the reading at this pace, she'll be converted before we can snap our fingers.
R came to church today! yes! He's great. We also had a great lesson with him later that night. He's really attentive in class, and you can tell that the spirit is working so hard on him to help change his perspectives, and to help him learn and grow. I love it.
Well love ya tons!
Elder Brayden Connole

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