Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mama Rika's Missionary Update...Tractors, Ditches, Rain Pictures

This week, as with most weeks, was a great one. With the really fun things that we did this week, we also had some awesome experiences that really served to build my faith, hopefully they'll build yours as well.
Pday. Usually on Pdays, we play board/card games with the senior couple missionaries in our branch. This time we played clue. It was going well, except that Sis. H was stomping us pretty bad each time. On the third game, Sister H eliminated herself from play by accusing the wrong thing. Well, right afterwards, E. Stoven eliminated himself because he made a false accusation as well. well, that left only me, so I made an accusation to finish off the game. Well, good old silly me, I made a bad Accusation as well! So in the end we all lost. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a game of clue. It was an epic fail moment.
We had district meeting out in Welch, West Virginia. It was pretty cool because I was able to serve with E. Nielson for a day. He was in my MTC district. We were super excited to work together. We had an appointment fall through, so we decided to tract the street. The first door we knocked on, they answered, we testified, they accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, and we set up an appointment for later that week. The next door, no answer. The next door we knocked on, they answered, we testified, they accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon, and we set up an appointment for later next week. This pattern continued all down the whole street. We would knock a few doors, and no one would be home, but whenever someone answered they accepted a Book of Mormon and we set up an appointment to come see them. They were practically begging us to give them Book of Mormon and so they could read it. It was sweet! In a couple hours, we handed out 6 copies of the Book of Mormon, and taught a lesson to a new investigator. Just to point out how great this really was, normally we would average handing out 2 or 3 copies of the Book of Mormon every WEEK, not every HOUR. It was a great way to start our exchange.
Still out in Welch, we had a lot of appointments fall through in the morning, but we were able to find another new investigator and teach a lesson with a member that came out with us. We exchanged back, and headed to Richlands. We rushed to dinner with a member, and afterwards, we had a great lesson with Rod.
E. Stoven wasn't feeling too great this morning. When he gets dehydrated he'll get really bad headaches, so we had to kind of just wait it out. We did get out and work toward the evening, and he was feeling much better at the end of the day. Not a ton really worked out for us, but we did get to see a few people before the night was over.
We stopped by the one of our investigating families, but we were only able to talk the mom outside on the porch. It was a good thing though, because her neighbor came out and sat in on the lesson we had. It was a great way to find a new investigator.
Pretty much all day was spent helping out a family with a ditch that they needed to dig. They moved in next door to a member here, and he introduced us to them, and we volunteered to help them out. After about 15 min in, E. Stoven was digging, and about 6 inches under the mud and dirt, there was a 3 inch long shard of glass. He didn't know that it was there until he noticed a few drops of blood in the ditch. Apparently he sliced his knuckle as he was pulling up a shovel full of dirt. He probably should've gotten stitches, but we bandaged it up the best we could and it stopped bleeding. We didn't have any really problems after that, so we just went right on digging.  We both got fairly sun burnt from it, but we can't complain too much since we accomplished so much.
R showed up at church, as well as the R Family (with the ditch)! Yes! It was so sweet to have them come as well. She told us that she's been looking for a church and hadn't been baptized yet because she wants to find the truth. She agreed with everything in church, and they both really enjoyed coming. We set up an appointment with them for Monday:
Later that evening, we had dinner at R's house and  a lesson with him. It went well, we're just hoping and praying that he'll get his answer to be baptized sooner, rather than later.
Great day overall. Normally we would have Pday, but since this is a transfer week, Pday is on Tuesday. We taught a lesson first thing in the morning, it went well, and we scheduled another appointment later this week.
The highlight of the day though was definitely the lesson we had with the R family. When we showed up, we found out that they'd read the first several chapters in the Gospel Principles book that we gave them. It was really cool since they had only had the book for a day. They really felt the spirit during the lesson as we testified of Jesus Christ, and the Restoration of his church. They committed to be baptized when we invited them, and we have very high hopes for them. They seem to have been a tender mercy from the Lord to placed in our area, within our reach, right at the moment that they needed it most. We are extremely excited to watch them progress in the gospel.
Having fun after digging ditches.

Ditch digging

Rain at Red Bud Festival.
That's all I got for this week. I'm excited to be out here, and I thank you for your prayers. Love ya!
Elder Brayden Connole

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