Monday, June 18, 2012

Mama Rika's Picture Update & Missionary Moment

Kid Pics..

Right up his alley...dissecting sharks!  Really!

A prized b-day present.

Princess turns 10!

Picture to prove to the charter school that she does play the piano.
The ice cream cake we made turned out to be quite yummy!  And, she was able to blow out all her candles in one fell swoop.

Missionary Update...

My Birthday! Yay! I had a great little birthday! Thank you to everyone who sent me cards and wished me a happy birthday. It was much appreciated. Elder Stoven took me bowling which was really a lot of fun. I miss going bowling every week like we used to in Arizona. My game is definitely a little rusty.  Also, I was able to have two Family Home Evening nights with two different families in the branch. Fun stuff!
We had a specialized training for the majority of the day. The Zone Leaders did an activity that I've only seen done at scout camp before. The Zone Leaders set up a rope web through which each team of selected elders had to get their entire team through. The catch was that they couldn't touch the rope, and they had to have each elder go through a different hole in the web. It was hilarious to watch all these elders in white shirts and ties picking each other up and diving through different holes in the web. They were trying to drive the point across that when you plan you do better, so after the first try, they had each team go again but first plan for a minute. It was a cool little object lesson.
After our Specialized training, we had exchanges with the Elders from Welch, West Virginia. I went with E. Nielson and E. Stoven went to Welch with E. Young.. Exchanges are always great!
We weren't able to see as many people as we wanted before we had to exchange back with the Welch Elders, but we were able to still accomplish quite a bit. On our way back to exchange, we got pretty lost. Unfortunately, the GPS that we've been using broke the night before, so we weren't able to use that to help us out. So, E. Nielson and I called a couple members and they helped us through. Unfortunately we ended up travelling and extra 30-40 miles because of it.
After we exchanged back, E. Stoven brought us home safe and sound. While we were on our way back, we decided to try to see a couple of our investigators who hadn't answered earlier in the day. To our surprise, they were home, and we had a great lesson with them. Previously, the husband was opposed to the idea of baptism, but I guess the spirit had worked on him overtime while we were away, and he said he might be baptized next month! Score!
Also, another one of our investigators had cancelled our appointment earlier in the day, but later that evening he called us and told he felt inspired and started reading the Book of Mormon. Then he informed us that he wanted us to come over and discuss what he read. We wanted nothing more than to do just that.
Crazy morning. We received a call from Bro. V (our Elders Quorum President) that a member of the Branch, Bro. S was in the emergency room on life support. So we stopped our studies, and rushed as fast as we could to the hospital. When we got there we asked to see Bro. S, and after getting permission, we entered his room. We called his wife and she asked us to give him a blessing. By this time, the Helicopter had come to fly him out to a bigger hospital. The medical people were in the middle of moving his IV bag and all the wires attached to him while we gave the blessing. It was pretty intense. As far as we know, he's doing well, and is much more stable now.
We also chopped down a tree and sealed up a driveway with a sealant that is spread on the asphalt. It made for a service filled day.
Our schedule got pretty flipped around when we found out we weren't going to have dinner with a family in the ward. They live in Grundy, about 15-20 min away from the Kentucky border, so about an hour or so away from downtown Richlands. (yes, we cover a very large area) So instead of having a couple hours of drive time, we kind of scrambled around a bit trying to figure out who to see. After everyone else fell through, we drove out to a less active member who had never been home before, and to our surprise, she answered! Yes! We had a great little visit, and I guess the Lord needed us there rather than up in Grundy.
We had a lesson or two cancel, so we ended up helping a member paint their trailer for a good part of the day. After that, we had a great lesson with some other investigators, Sand M. It was great, they asked us if we thought it was a good idea if they read a chapter of the Book of Mormon every night starting at the beginning. Um.... Yes! Obviously we were all for that! I love it when Investigators just want to learn about the gospel.
R Came to church again and we had dinner and a lesson with him later on that evening. We always enjoy meeting with him.
Overall, we got a lot done this week it was a good one!
Love ya!
Elder Brayden Connole

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