Monday, September 17, 2012

Mama Rika Missionary Update & Pics

The bat they got out of a lady's attic for her.

Construction of new chapel underway.

Downtown Richlands

This week the highs were high and the lows were low.


So our Pday was pretty bogus. We went to go email our families, and the computers were all shut down. We weren't able to get to any computer till 8pm that evening.

Since we didn't email right away in the morning, we started our shopping early, and immediately afterwards, E. Guthrie and I went to the Cedar Bluff lookout point. There's a small park that you drive up to, and then you have a short hike to the top for the overlook. Well it only took about 10 min to get to the top (if that) and when we did, we sat down on the bench up there. Unknown to E. Guthrie, of which he was soon enlightened, there was a hornet's nest right under his bench. I got away Scott free without any stings, but, E. Guthrie was hit once on the back side of his knee, and once in the hand. Thank goodness he wasn't allergic.

E. Guthrie wasn't feeling very good after a few moments, so we whipped our way down the mountain back to the car. We applied some first aid, and I drove us as quickly as we could back to the trailer. Ice and sting relief stuff seemed to do the trick, and E. Guthrie was back in action in no time. He was still sore on the back of his knee for a few days after though.

Isn't that a great way to start off the week?


We had a great specialized training meeting for the zone. It lasted from about 9am till 4pm. The training was great. We definitely left on a spiritual high, it's a wonder that all of Richlands didn't want to be baptized right after we got done there. The Zone leaders and President Pitt really were inspired in the things that they taught. I counted at least 5 requests from my personal prayers that were answered that day. They, among other things, introduced the churches new pass-along cards, and asked us to start using them in our finding activities.

Another cool highlight of the training meeting: The zone leaders asked me a few weeks ago to prepare a special musical number with E. Johnson (he plays the piano really well). So we brainstormed and decided to play the tune of "Come Thou Fount" and sing verses 1 and 4 of "Oh My Father" and combine that with verses 2 and 3 of "Holy Temples on Mount Zion" When we performed it, the 4th verse was pretty powerful. E. Johnson stopped playing for the first two stanza's and I sang A Capella. And to put it in E. Johnson's words, he then "came in dramatically at the climax of the song". It was beautiful, and really brought the spirit.

When we came back from the training, we tried to see a few investigators, but they weren't home, so we resorted to tracting. We were rejected at literally every door. A couple of people were actually pretty rude. We really wanted to apply some of the things we learned in Specialized training, especially the new Familysearch pass along cards. So, on our way out of the community we were tracting at, we stopped by a potential investigator's house. He was busy, but interested, and when we brought up family history, he told us he would love to have us come by some time to help him learn more about it. Plus we gave him a Book of Mormon, and he told us that he had a friend who was a member. Boom! Endurance works!


Well, we got a call first thing in the morning letting us know that the bishop's storehouse truck broke down about an hour away, and they didn't know when the truck would be able to make it to the church building for delivery. This threw off all our plans for the day since we had scheduled a couple hours to help out with that, so we adjusted our schedule accordingly.

Since it was Walk and Talk Wednesday, we went to Cedar Bluff and walked around the town. We had hopes of rustling up some new investigators or talking to people who would be interested in coming to the annual Cedar Bluff Festival where we would have a booth set up. We talked to a few people, some of which actually came to check out our booth that weekend. 

After a few hours of walking and talking, we got the call that the food truck was ready for us, so we headed up there to unload and fill orders. We started teaching the new member lessons to N after we finished with the truck, and didn't end up getting dinner in till about 9:30pm.


Once again, our plans went out the window through cancelled appointments, or Investigators wanting to meet with us 20 miles away from were we had originally planned.  But the good news is that we were finally able to teach a few of our investigators. First time for the week.

We actually ran into a guy who believes that Polygamy is still God's law today and that he doesn't have a problem that our church practiced polygamy years ago In fact, he believes it should be brought back. I can't say I've ever run across that before.


Probably one of the coolest things that happened on Friday was our lesson with J. We started teaching him a few months ago, but because of alot of family and other issues, he's been unable to meet with us. Well he called us and asked us to stop by to teach him. We of course willingly obliged. In our lesson we invited him out to church, and he told us that he'd be going to another church this week to preach, but that we could expect him next week. He then surprised us when he asked if it was ok that he'd been using the Book of Mormon in his preaching earlier this week. We assured him he could and should use the Book of Mormon whenever he went preaching. Once again, I can't say I've ever run across that before. We set him on date to be baptized in October.

Later that evening, we had all our appointments and all of our back ups fall through. It was 8:30pm with nothing to do for a half an hour. We finally resolved to tract a neighborhood we had had our eye on for a while. I'm not the biggest fan of tracting, and I find that people are the least willing to open their doors when the sun goes down. Well this was definitely the case in this situation. We had people come to the door, but none of them were too pleased to talk to us. (they just didn't know what they were missing.) Needless to say, we had few contacts, and more doors slammed that what we wanted.

Feeling somewhat discouraged, we trudged our way back to the trailer taking an alternate route. As I walked with my head down watching for bumps in the dark road, E. Guthrie saw a lady on the other side of the road. He greeted her with a warm hello, at which point I perked up and offered her a pass-along card. She accepted, and asked us to stop by her place to talk about Christ. Good thing we have companions to help us out. 

This experience reminded me of Carl B Cook's Oct 2011 General Conference address. His closing remarks were:

I bear testimony that sins are forgiven and burdens are lightened as we look to Christ. “Let us remember him, … and not hang down our heads", for, as President Monson said, “It is better to look up."


Totally exhausting day. We had the Cedar Bluff Festival. From set up at 8am to take down at 6pm, we were on our feet all day long. In the previous festival's I've done, We've given out 11 and 20 copies of the Book of Mormon. Well, this time we gave out 70. It was crazy! We had so many people coming through, we didn't know what to do with ourselves. Hopefully we were able to help plant some seeds there.


We had a busy day. Probably the highlights were that we had R at church, and were able to teach a couple investigators. One of them that we taught, told us she stopped reading anything else in her life and focused completely on the Book of Mormon. It was the only Book she had on her nightstand every night. And she told us how much peace had come into her life, even though with everything going on in her life, she should be stressed to the max. (He boyfriend is going through cancer, her dad almost died, Kid's left to be with their dad rather than her, etc) The spirit does wonderful things.

That's all for this week.

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