Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary Update from the Clarksburg Mansion

From 12/24:


Most of the day was spent with getting laundry and email and packing done. Pday before transfers is always crazy, of course we also said all of our goodbyes since I was heading out to Clarksburg


I finished up my packing in the morning, and drove down to Clarksburg. It was really an easy packing job since I didn't need to worry about a limit on bags or anything. This was especially nice since I had a box of Christmas presents to carry with me.

I helped out E. Cluster (my new comp) with transfer stuff, (making sure everyone got their bags quickly, getting packages handed out, etc.)

Right when we finished up with transfers, President and Sister Pitt picked us up and took us up to Morgantown to go to a stake missionary correlation meeting. It was really cool to be there, all the Bishops and Ward mission leaders are invited. Basically all we did was help President Pitt set up and support whatever he said.

It was a long day and I slept very well that night.


Did area reports, there's a lot of extra paper work to do here. We have to collect area reports on all of the areas in the zone and it can take a while to do so.

We did our weekly planning, found and taught a new investigator, and got a few needed food items.


We had an exchange with Elkins. Since the elder I was exchanging with didn't have a license, I got to drive the Elkins car, a Jeep Compass. Talk about an awesome missionary car, I felt like we could go anywhere in that thing! It was really nice because it had snowed all day and the roads were quite icy.

I don't remember a lot of the things we did or the people we saw, but It was a really good exchange. At the end of the day somehow we found ourselves making a couple snow angels and diving into the snowbanks.


We exchanged back, and I found out that somewhere along the way E. Cluster ran over a screw and we had a flat tire. We scrambled around trying to juggle appointments and fixing the car at the same time. Thankfully the other set of Clarksburg missionaries let us use their truck for parts of he day.

again a busy day. I slept well that night as well.


We needed two new investigators to achieve our mission standard of excellence this week. We really wanted to hit it this week even though everything worked against us. Between transfers, car problems, and exchanges, it was a super busy week. We pressed forward with faith. We asked members at church for referrals, we tracted a bit, we tried some formers, we even offered to leave a Christmas prayer on people's homes. Finally toward the end of the day, one of the former investigators invited us in and we taught him and his cousin. Plus to top it all off, they were prepping for a party and had us taste test their wonderful meatballs.

That's all for this week! I love ya tons!

Elder Brayden Connole

From 12/31:

Crazy day. Since transfers were a week before Christmas, the mission office wasn't able to get packages to everyone quite as efficiently as they desired. So, President and Sister Pitt came up with a couple of packages and asked us to give them to the different members of our zone. We spent a good portion of the day as mailmen delivering packages to get them to the missionaries before Christmas.

Also, since it was Christmas Eve, and a Pday, a member invited us over to play a game of Risk. Unfortunately I tanked it in the game and was the second player eliminated... It was pretty bad.



Obviously the highlight of the day was talking to the family. D, S and P all sound almost exactly the same. I swear D's voice has dropped at least an octave. W read me a book over the phone, wow he's really coming along. A was of course jabbering about who knows what, plus he was the resident "echo" of the conversation. It is always great to be laughing and enjoying life while talking to the best family in the world. After a little under an hour we pulled the conversation to a close and, as mom pointed out, had a our first full family prayer ever. I listened to the resounding goodbye's, hung up the phone, and wiped away a couple of tears before I rejoined my companion in the next room. Christmas is great.


Went out to Lost Creek, and visited a less active member. Come to find out, he grew up in Heber and knows Mormor and Morfar! Who would've thought!

We gave a recent convert a blessing later that day, and her nonmember husband came to church that week. Another recent convert, who had recently moved here from Las Vegas told us about some of his friends he wants to introduce us to. Isn't that great? Gotta love Recent Converts, they love missionary work.


Well, it was one of those days that we had everything fall through. It happens. But, on the bright side we had some really cool weather. (Just an FYI E. Cluster, my comp is an aspiring Meteorologist, and informs me on the cool weather stuff) We had today something called freezing rain where the rain isn't cold enough to freeze, but the ground, and basically everything else is. (apparently it's very rare) So, the rain will fall to the earth as rain, but then freeze on contact with anything it touches, thus producing a layer of ice around everything. It's pretty cool. Our car was an ice sculpture. Of course it makes everything really slick, but that's half the fun anyway right?


So, I started getting a sore throat on Friday which turned into a cold on Saturday, and lessened slightly on Sunday, and has mostly been relieved today on Monday. Just a quick bug, but I seem to be doing better now. We were able to teach a guy named Ch. He knows his bible really well, and we were super impressed because he's never read the Book of Mormon, but believes that a remnant of Israel, probably from Joseph's lineage would inherit the Americas as a promised land. He also figured that a group came over during the scattering of the people at the tower of babel.  Lets just say he's had some good inspiration so far. We told him how much he would love the Book of Mormon. It's amazing how the Lord prepares people.


Since we had a couple of important meetings coming up, and didn't have any scheduled appointments throughout the day, I stayed indoors to rest up, and went to bed early to keep my cold in check. It also just so happens that my family sent me some Chicken Noodle soup as a present at Christmas, how did they know I'd need it? Inspired? I think so!


Good day at church, we had an investigator there named M, whose wife was recently baptized. We have high hopes for him. They are such an awesome family. They even drive the transfer van to Charleston (a two and a half hour drive) and back every six weeks just because they enjoy being around missionaries.

That's about it for this week! Over and Out.

Oh, random side note, the new place that I'm in here in Clarksburg is called by the missionaries "The Clarksburg Mansion" or "The Clarksburg Hotel" We have 3 stories and a basement, with 3 and a half bathrooms, a couple of study rooms a couple of bedrooms, a workout room, a game room, two kitchens and a lot of awesomeness! Only two sets of missionaries live there.

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