Monday, February 25, 2013

Mama Rika's Missionary Visits Jail


Pday, laundry, letters, etc.


We had a district meeting with Cave Spring that went really well. Afterwards E. Brandon and I had to rush to the City jailhouse for our appointment with a less active member. It was the first time I'd really been to a jail before, E. Brandon had visited a few people in his last area in jail. They had us sign in,  and the jail scheduler made sure that we brought our "pastoral credentials". It was the first time I have had to use those.  It was interesting to try to get to know someone over the phone with glass between us. But I think it went pretty good overall. 

E. Brandon did most of the talking and even, to the member's surprise, invited him to come to lessons with us when he got out that next Saturday. After some convincing, he agreed to go with us, we should be calling him up in the next few days.


We received word from the Assistants that E. Oaks, of the Twelve; E. Hallstrom, of the presidency of the Seventy; and Bishop Causse, from the presiding bishopric, would be coming to our mission of March 16th. We're super stoked for it! It'll be so awesome to have all of them coming. We still don't know why they are coming, or what they will do when they are here, but it's exciting nonetheless.

Our Bishop asked us to visit a member who was recently hit by a van. The member's name is F, and he has a wife who is not yet a member. F loves the missionaries and would basically do anything for them, but is in a wheelchair until he heals from the accident. 
We went to go teach him, in hopes that his wife would also be there. We taught him for about an hour and were just wrapping things up when his wife showed up. She just happened to get a ride from a co-worker home rather than take the bus and was about 1 hour earlier than normal. We were able to be in just the right time and place to be able to teach her. We had a great little lesson on faith with her.


We went on exchanges with the Cave Spring Elders. I helped them clean a bit while I was there, and found a leak in the sink. I looked under the sink itself, and found that the leak had probably been there a lot longer than we realized, based off of the smell and mold spots everywhere. Well, I watered down some bleach and went to town. Sometimes you've got to play maid as a missionary.


We visited a less active member. He was super sincere about the church, but it was so hard for E. Brandon and I to know what he was talking about since he was using a lot of protestant lingo to describe the church. For example instead of saying " they gave a priesthood blessing" he  would say, "they prayed over her". He also used the word, "word" a lot. "spreading the word", the word is with God" "the word of the lord tells us..." I wonder if a lot of what we say as members is pretty hard for members of other faiths to understand simply because they don't really know the lingo.

Really loves the missionaries, and gave us huge hugs a the end of our meeting. 


Well, for some reason, both E. Brandon and I felt like we needed to go to the library that morning rather than try the potential investigators we had originally planned to see. Well... nothing happened at the library. Se we don't really know why we were supposed to go there, however, we both still feel really good about it. Maybe we'll find out sometime why we were where we were, when we were there.  How's that for alliteration?

Later that day we took a member to go visit a recent convert of ours. She's a sweetheart. She was concerned about not feeling an overwhelming spirit when she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  We explained to her about receiving revelation and gave a summary of E. Bednar's talk "The Spirit of Revelation" given in the April 2011 Gen Conference. 

Read it here: 

or watch a shorter version of it here:

It's really good.


We were Spiritually and Physically really well fed. Stake PEC at 6:30am, Correlation with the bishop ant 9am, church from 11:30 till 2:30, studies from about 2:30 till 4:30, Dinner at 5 with a member. At 6:30pm we visited a less active member who we found out had also prepared a big meal for us. (so double the dinner)

It was quite the day. 

That's it for this week! 

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