Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary Update...A Weird Week


A pretty relaxed day overall, those are few and far between as a missionary. To be honest, we didn't really do much besides the normal pday stuff. I made some salsa that turned out pretty delicious and made some tacos to go with it. I've enjoyed cooking more on my mission than anywhere else.


Went on exchanges with the Martinsville bike elders. It was really a fun exchange, especially since it was the 5th day in the mission field with for E. Morse. I was impressed with him. It was his first time ever knocking a door, and he did really well. We were able to find a couple of new investigators, and teach a few lessons together.


We exchanged back. It was a good little drive down to Martinsville. They're the furthest south Area in the whole mission, about an hour and 15 min from Roanoke. 

When we got back to Roanoke, We went to the Red Cross to find out how we could help with the blood drive the next day. The lady there was really glad to have us come, and we were glad to able to have some solid service hours. It was a win win situation. 

We had a quick lesson with an investigator, and then went to another lesson with a new investigator. A member of ours referred us to his Cousin D. The lesson when super duper well. We taught him the restoration, and he told us he wanted to be baptized. The member, Fr,  we took along told D that he needed to quit smoking and drinking and all the other word of wisdom things to be baptized. D said he'd quit right then. 

When we came back, we taught Fr's non-member wife. and that lesson also went really well.


We helped out with the blood drive. It went really well. They gave us the easy jobs of making sure the people were getting their snacks after the blood drive. Which also meant that we had snacks available at any time throughout the day. MMMmmmmMMMM it doesn't get much better than that. 

That evening we called the district leaders and informed them that next week we'd be having a specialized training meeting. Immediately following the meeting, President Pitt said that we would be going bowling as a zone. Now, this has never happened before in the mission, and was a new thing for the district leaders to take in. So we booked the lanes at "Lee-hi" lanes (yes, it's pronounced like the Book of Mormon prophet "Lehi") and started calling our district leaders

We were talking to one of our district leaders who thought for sure that we were playing a prank on him. It was really hard to convince him that we were serious and that President Pitt wanted us to all go bowling together. Finally we were able to get him to believe a little bit, but then when we told him it'd be at a place called "Lee-hi" lanes, he didn't believe a word after that. I think he's going along with it now, but still insists that he "won't be deceived". It's been really fun.


Dah! a devastating day... We have a convert of about a month or two that the previous two missionaries taught and baptized. We've been trying to get in to see her for a while, she's such a sweet old lady, and really loves church and the people there. Well, we took a member to go see her, and she informed us that she no longer had a testimony and wasn't going to come to church anymore. It hit me like a ton of bricks. The member and her talked about things for over an hour or so while E. Brandon and I mostly just listened. She had been offended by this or that, and wanted nothing to do with the church anymore. We didn't know what to do, she seemed so solid a few weeks ago. 

We left her home with a prayer, we left with our hearts heavy. A few tears were shed in the back seat by a certain missionary, who maybe understood now a little more how God feels when his children turn from His divine light. 


Remember D? we went to go see him again. We got there, and as we sat down it seemed like D had a brighter glow about him. We looked at the table and the ashtrays were all gone. We noticed the brand new book of mormon on the chair, and realized it wasn't so new looking anymore. 

As we began to talk with him, he excitedly told us about the stories of Laban and the brass plates, Getting Ishmael's daughters, Lehi's Vision of the Tree of Life, and Nephi's interpretation of it. Although he couldn't remember most of the names, he remembered. He had read and re-read those pages over the past few days, staying up late hours into the night. It was so awesome. We taught him about the plan of salvation, and he just ate it up!


Sunday was rather odd this week. We had only 30 min of church. It started snowing pretty bad but people had already started to show up, so they had Sacrament, a few hymns, and a short 5 min talk from one of the high council members. He started off his talk by quoting some scripture in Ephesians that states "Therefore let thy words be few". And they were. 

While E. Brandon took numbers from the areas later that night, I went onto our balcony and made a small snowman. I used oven mitts to cover my cold hands. They worked pretty well.


Well, Sunday night E. Brandon said his stomach was bugging him, and that night, he got up several times to vomit. We're not too sure what caused it, but it got him something fierce. I gave him a blessing, and we went back to bed. 

Later I was awakened by the sound of a pot clanging on the ground. Confused, but not fully awake, I asked my companion what was up. He had just then crawled into bed and informed me in between deep breaths what had happened. He still couldn't sleep, and felt really nauseated. He was also really hungry, so he got up to fix himself some oatmeal to eat. The last thing he remembered was turning the water on, and then he found himself on the floor. He staggered back into bed right about when I woke up.

I went into the kitchen and found a pot of water on the ground, and water spilt everywhere. I cleaned up the mess, and got E. Brandon a glass of water to sip. We were able to make it through the night, though it wasn't easy for E. Brandon, and the next day wasn't too pleasant either. 

I was able to write a few letters, get my rubics cube time down to almost 2 minutes, draw a few pictures for some other missionaries, and read the book of Esther, and some of Job. It's always weird having to stay in all day as a missionary.

Eh eb eb eb that's all folks!

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