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Mama Rika's Missionary Updates, etc...

Just a little FYI...I know I keep saying I am going to write about more and other things more often, but now I mean it...I think.  LOL  We are making a change to our business websites and doing a bunch of other things that will most likely have me blogging more frequently on a variety of topics.  I am also in the process of creating a new blog site to go along with our other changes.

In the meantime, here's the latest from my missionary...

March 4, 2013

This week was pretty fast and furious and I had less time than normal to write in my journal. Hopefully I'll be able to reconstruct this week in this email.


The Assistants called us Monday morning to inform us that President Pitt was sick, and therefore all of our planned meetings up in Charleston were postponed a week. Also, all meetings that were originally scheduled for next week would be switched to this week. So the zone meetings that we thought we had a week and a half to prep for, we now had 2 days to prep for....Everything was thrown off.  We had to scramble to let all the districts know when and where they were needing to meet. 


To make things a little more exciting, the Assistants called us Tuesday morning and asked if we could exchange with them that day. Of course we told them we could, and they met up with us about 3 hours later. 

I left with E. Makemson to get to Charleston, and we got a little lost on the way there. Thankfully, another missionary had left his GPS in the minivan, and we were able to find our way back. 

Shortly after finding the GPS we got a call from my companion, E. Brandon, and the other assistant,  E. Klain. E. Brandon excitedly explained to us that they just set one of our more hesitant investigators on date for baptism. We had left him Alma 32 to read from the previous lesson, and when E. Brandon and E. Klain followed up with it our investigator said in essence, "What I got from that passage was that I need to show God I'm committed, and set a goal date for baptism, I'm thinking May 5th would be good." It was so cool! In the last lesson we had with him, he was questioning if God even answered prayers. Thank you Alma! 

Since I was trained in South Charleston and about a year ago, me and my trainer were doubled out for the assistants, I knew the area pretty well. I was excited to eat dinner with the Johnson family, they remembered who I was, and it was cool to see how much their kids have grown. I also was able to see a member that my trainer and I worked with every week for over 4 months together. It was a pretty great night. 


We exchanged back, and E. Brandon and I did some much needed planning for our zone meetings the next day. That evening, after we exhausted all our mental capacity for planning, we were a little goofy. We had to call the assistants for something or another ( I forget what) and we started tossing the phone back and forth each time telling the other to make the call. Well, E. Brandon tossed it back one time, and It landed right on my eye. It swelled up a bit and turned a nice purpley-greenish color. It made our zone meetings a little more interesting the next day when the other missionaries kept making eye jokes. (I didn't know there were so many)


Zone meeting went really well, it was really spirit filled. We taught one meeting one Thursday for half the zone, and the other half of the zone we did on Friday. I was really cool to see how, even though E. Brandon and I planned the same material for each meeting, we taught completely different things to each half of the zone. 

Later that day we followed an impression E. Brandon had to knock a few doors in a certain part of our area. We did three doors that felt right, and got a return appointment on one of them.


2nd Zone Meeting went really well. One of the other missionaries was kind enough to bring E. Brandon and I some chocolate cookies. We took them home, and  since E. Brandon knew I wasn't going to eat them, He did. I guess he didn't think they'd affect him much, but with his allergy to milk protein, he had to take a couple of benedril afterwards. We did a few more missionary things, before we came back to the apartment for dinner. Because of the benedril, E. Brandon was a little more drowsy than he thought, and he didn't remember getting out of the car, walking up the stairs, or flopping down on the couch and sleeping for an hour or so. 

I cooked up some dinner for us, and let him sleep it off. A couple of times he "woke up" and tried to talk to me, but just mumbled some jazz about who knows what. 

When he recovered, we drove out to Martinsville and Interviewed a couple of baptismal candidates. 


Hmmm, this is one of the days I didn't get to write about in my journal yet... I recall teaching a few investigators. and having a correlation meeting with our ward mission leader.


The bishop was out of town, so we didn't have our usual 9:30 meeting, also, Stake PEC wasn't until next week, so we had plenty of time before church to take our studies and such. That hasn't happened in a long time. Normally we have to get out to the church right away.  After the block, the other set of missionaries had a baptism. The place was packed! Standing room only. Their investigator had been coming to church for a few years now, and was finally making the commitment. It was a really sweet baptism. 

That's all for this week!

Love ya!

Elder Brayden Connole

March 13, 2013

It's been pretty crazy the past week and a half here in Roanoke. Tons of meetings everywhere.


Monday of course was pday, but something different about this particular Monday is that we got to stay overnight with the Pembroke Zone Leaders. Tuesday would be Zone Leader Council, and to get to Charleston on time, and to save miles, we drove to their apartment the night before. That's always fun! 


Early in the morning we headed up to Charleston for our day of ZLC. There we discussed goals, problems, solutions, new ideas, rules, etc. The meeting was literally all day long. (we stayed overnight in the mission home) but we were able to accomplish quite a bit during that time.


It's always a big plus to wake up in the morning to Sis. Pitt making french toast and eggs. They were delicious. 

Most of the rest of the day was spent driving and planning for our district leader training the following day.

We had our District Leader Training meeting where we trained all the district leaders how to be better ones. Afterwards, we exchanged with E. Blaser and E. Tanoai up in Martinsville. 

In our planning session the night before, had felt really good about a certain investigator we were going to go see. When we knocked on his door, and he opened it with a lit cigarette in his mouth, (He's been trying to quit). He told us that right then wasn't a good time because he was going through some family problems. (it sounded like he was talking with his ex on the phone). But he saw that we were cold, and he let us in to "warm up for a bit". 

Once we were in the door, he put out his cigarette, and we talked for a bit. After a few moments we broke out the scriptures and taught him about the atonement. It was just one of those moments when you knew you were in the right place at the right time for that person.


E. Blaser and I were able to find some new investigators which is always exciting. We knocked a few doors around a former investigator's house and a nice family just let us right in, It was great! 

After we exchanged back, we brought a member to a great lesson with a different new investigator. It was a very ideal lesson. We taught really well, and everything just seemed to click. At the end I invited her to work towards baptism, and we set her with a goal date. It was really awesome.


We took care of some stake correlation reports in the morning. Later in the day we had apartment inspections. Elder and Sister A who are CES missionaries in Buena Vista came to inspect. Sis. A paid us an extremely high compliment when she said that we'd find wonderful wives one day because we were such good cleaners. She also said she'd even write a letter of recommendation if need be. I thought that was a little over the top. I guess the last missionaries weren't very clean at all.


Sunday morning we woke up extra early to get to our Stake PEC on time. I felt so tired that morning it was ridiculous. I also couldn't figure out why some of our clocks were an hour or so off from our phone clock.  I didn't realize until after church that we had Daylight savings kick in. Grrrrr..... I liked it better in AZ when we didn't have to worry about it. 

That evening we were able to teach a family in the home of our bishop. It worked out extremely well. The spirit was really strong and truly testified of what we were teaching was true.


It was one of those days where literally nothing worked out. Around 8:40 or so, we stopped at the gas station, filled up, bought a delicious pastry and went home happy


17 month mark! sheesh time flies.

Not a ton exciting happened during the day. We were able to get out and see some members we worked pretty hard all day. Later that night we were able to call the different areas about transfer info. We're also going to have E. Oaks of the twelve visit the mission this weekend, so we've been working to try to get all of that taken care of (making sure rides are secure and whatnot for the new missionaries coming to the zone) 

That's it for this week.

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