Monday, April 8, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary Update Again...

Here's what he had to say for this week...


Not too many April fools jokes... My little brother tried to convince me that the family was moving again... He had me going for a second. I think I figured it out when he said they were moving to "April fools lane". Doh! 

We didn't have a ton of things going on. We did stay the night at the Christiansburg apartment since then next day would be our monthly Zone Leader Council down in Charleston. That was fun.


ZLC was great. It ran later than we expected, so we had to cancel some appointments. However we were able to finally introduce some home teachers to one of our recent converts that evening. I've come to realize how important home and visiting teaching is to the growth and strength of a ward/branch. The Wards that do HT and VT have more active members, and more convert baptism retention, more Less active members rescued, and the list goes on and on. It really makes me want to be a great home teacher when I get back.


It was a pretty packed day. 

We had a district meeting in the morning which we attended. Overall it was a pretty good meeting. Afterwards, we went to contact a referral from a member, in which the member to us to the referral's home, and introduced them to us. Then he invited them to begin taking the discussions and meeting with the missionaries. It was pretty great.

We took a member to go see a new investigator named D. She was so excited to hear about prophets! She went on about how important it was to have prophets on the earth and how most churches don't even stress the importance. 


Taught a great lesson on Fasting to an investigator. It was great to see him connect the dots on how fasting could really help him in the trials he was currently facing. Those "aha!" moments are always great to be a part of. In the end, he said that since he had diabetes, he couldn't fast from food very well. Instead he said he would fast from cigarettes. How great is that?

Also, that morning, E. Brandon and I ran 3 miles.... boy am I out of running shape! Man I'm sure glad I discovered this before I went home, I'd never stop hearing the teasing from my brothers if I ran like I did on Thursday. I'll have to run some more before I get home. 


We went on exchanges with the Cave Spring Elders. E. Folkman and I worked hard here. He's only been out about a month, so it was a really great experience to teach some members with him. 


General Conference! 

As I've always explained it, General Conference to a missionary is like the Super Bowl to a die-hard football fan. It really is that exciting! These men, whom we've been quoting, explaining about, and studying on, for the past 6 month, now speak to us again. Their words bring enlightenment and encouragement and fill our souls with that desire to do what is right. General Conference was not as great back home as it is now. And I think that is the case with a lot of things. As we fully invest ourselves in the gospel, it becomes more and more delicious to us. I wish Conference could last longer.

Another interesting fact. Since the time zones are different here than in Utah. The Priesthood session doesn't actually start until 8pm. Which means it ends at 10pm. You don't know how weird it is to be out past 9pm as a missionary. You feel so rebellious when you get home at 10:15. It was a funny little reminder for me at how much I've changed since being home. At college it was pretty abnormal for one to be in bed by 10:30 pm and up at 6:30 am for any reason at all.


More General Conference!

the first part of the day was spent on a few visits and invitations to listen to a prophet's voice. The rest of the day kind of coasted from there. We just had the time to eat, do a little planning and drive back to the next session. 

Good week overall.

Love ya!

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