Monday, April 29, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary Update and Makiavelli's New Creation

New Creation:

Some of my time has been spent putting together our new website.  You can have a sneak preview if you would like by going here:  []  More will be added as soon as I am able, but you can get a bit of an idea.  Here's a mini screen shot.  (We got our new CompleteLee logo, but are also excited for when we get our new "family circle" cartoon logo.)

Missionary Update:

This'll be a short one today since it's a transfer week.


Busy pday since I had to pack and say all the goodbyes and such. I really don't like goodbyes. Hellos are much easier


Got up early for transfers, and drove down to the Stake Center. It was a long ride up to Charleston. I got to ride up with Bro. S in the cab of the luggage truck. When we got to the Charleston chapel, we had a little meeting before we met our new companions. My new companion is E. Warner from Gilbert AZ. (no his name didn't have any connection with the road by the same name.) He's pretty excited to be out here, and has a ton of energy for the work. I always love "greenie fire".

We were dropped off in Beckley and were met by the Oak Hill missionaries, E. Boughan and E. Robbins. They share a ward with us. I actually served with E. Boughan in Fairmont WV, so it's fun to be around him again. E. Robbins was just recently trained in Vinton, which was right next to my previous area in Roanoke. It's always great to have some familiar faces.

It was kind of a crazy day, I know we had dinner with some members, and did some unpacking/ cleaning. We also met with one of our investigators named Bo.


Friday consisted of a lot of planning, and figuring out where we were in our area. Being doubled into the area, neither E. Warner, nor I knew anything about it. We didn't know (still don't) hardly any of our investigators, nor even where the church building was. Frankly we were probably like a couple of chickens running around with our heads cut off.  We were able to meet all of our neighbors. Funny thing, out of our 4 immediate neighbors, 3 of them have the same first name.  It must be contagious or something.  Watch out or I might come home with a new name too...

 We also met alot of the ward members at the ward Dinner and Desert Auction. It seems like a very tight knit ward. Very loving, and very accepting


Saturday Morning we helped a family move in. They drove all the way from California to here! With a 3 year old nonetheless! I was impressed with the turn out of members to help with the move. We finished everything in less than an hour.

We had a couple of appointments, and we had dinner with the Y's.


Well, I didn't know it'd be fast Sunday this week. I guess they're having stake conference next week, so they switched fast Sunday to this week. Unfortunately they didn't tell any of us new guys about it. However the testimony meeting was really good. Bishop asked us to go up and introduce ourselves and bear our testimonies, which we did.

 Later in the day we met with the bishop to get his feel of the ward. He suggested some names of people we should go see. On our way back, we drove by an man in a wheelchair who only had one leg. E. Warner suggested that we stop and give him a Book of Mormon. We turned around and pulled over

We asked him where he was going and offered to push him there. He gladly accepted, I learned why pretty quick. We pushed him up a hill, down a hill, up a hill, down a hill. I don't know how the poor guy would've made it up there himself with only one leg, some of the hills were hard on foot.

It was a pretty good start to the week.

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