Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary Update


Good ol' Pday. It was pretty relaxing during the day. The evening didn't go quite as planned. However, because of some appointments falling through, we had time to stop by a less active family. They weren't too overly surprised to see us, which was a little odd. They then explained, "well the missionaries only show up for two reasons. One, someone asked them to stop by. Or two, they stop by when we have just recently started talking about coming out to church." It's amazing how the Lord works. He just sent us by their house within a few days of them wanted to return to activity.


We went on exchanges with the Salem Elders. It was pretty Crazy. E. Fehlberg and I were walking, or on bikes all day. It was the first time I was in a biking area all day. Some of those hills are pretty tough! We witnessed a car wreck right in front of us, and we slept in a photography studio. (their apartment was getting renovated, so the members that  they rent from put them up in their studio. It was pretty cool)


Went to some district meetings today. We had a lunch beforehand at a little place that makes sack lunches for under $4 depending on what you get. Then we had our district meeting outside. It was good for the first 15 minutes, then the heat and humidity started getting to me. Suit Coats are just not designed for comfortable outdoor wear.


We had a couple of appointments in the morning that we took a member to go see with us. What do you know? They both cancelled. The one lady we were trying to see told us to hold on a minute after we knocked on the door. 30 minutes of waiting and a few more knocks on the door later, we decided to move on.

The good news was that the member took us to lunch at this awesome Mexican restaurant, and his less active wife joined us.


More Exchanges, this time with the cave spring elders.The exchange went well, we were able to work well with the members. The member that we had dinner with is actually a really good friend of Mitt Romney. In fact, sometime this week he'll be picking up Mitt from the airport to take him to Buena Vista to give a speech at the SVU. (a church owned school sometimes called "B.Y. Ya'll". A play on words for the acronym of "B.Y.U.")


President gave me a call on Saturday to inform me that I would be getting transferred to Beckley West Virginia, and that he'd like me to train a new missionary there. I'm pretty excited about it. It'll be a nice change from all the stresses of leadership. I'm going to definitely miss Roanoke. I've learned many things here that I couldn't have learned elsewhere. It's been a good few transfers here. 

We've got 24 or 25 new missionaries coming in this transfer, and next transfer should be bigger. This is getting ridiculous!


Had a great little miracle on Sunday. We have been working hard this month to get what we call a "Resurrection Sunday" It's a new key indicator that includes 4 things in a given week. 

1. Having an obedient morning schedule every morning. Including getting up on time, working out, getting to studies on time, and getting out the door right at 10am.

2. Every day praying at 1pm for the resurrection Sunday

3. One act of service

4. Having a meal with a member with an investigator there also, and then teaching a lesson to that investigator in the member's home.

We had already completed requirements 1, 2, and 3 for this week, but #4 was proving to be a struggle.

We went to dinner with the P family (pronounced poo-wee-zee... he's Italian, don't ask) and there we had a wonderful dinner, but we weren't able to get an investigator there with us. It was really a downer, since we had everything else finished for the week. 

We had an appointment to finish off the evening with a member. We were planning on teaching them the Plan of Salvation lesson. When we got there, they had invited one of their friends to sit in on the lesson, and before the lesson, they offered us a plate of spaghetti. So, in the end we ended up taking a second dinner with a member, and taught their friend right afterwards. How great is that? Little miracles are great.


This was probably one of the busiest, and most successful, and smoothest running Mondays I've ever had on my mission. We started off the morning with a few paperwork things, then we had lunch with a member and started teaching their 9 year old daughter.We then talked to a less active member, J, and set up an appointment to come by later that day.We drove off to a wonderful lesson with an investigator of ours, after which we went back to see J. 

When we got to J's, her non-member daughter was also there and we began teaching both of them. We had dinner with our Bishop and his wife, immediately after which, we taught another investigator and his son, then we visited a less active member to end our evening off.

It was one of the very few days that no appointments fell through, and all potential appointments worked out just as planned. It was amazing. One thing just flowed right into the next.


Had lunch with a member again. In fact, it was the same family that fed us the day before, they heard it was transfer week, and wanted to see us one more time before one of us left. Then we blitzed the North Roanoke elder's area. (meaning we did an exchange, but instead of one set of elders in each area, we both went to the north area) They're in the same ward as us, and we thought an exchange could really help them to figure out how to work more effectively. It was a really great exchange.  We were able to teach an Albanian lady named G B. The lesson went well, and even though we had a few communication issues, things worked out in the end.

That's it for this week!

See ya next week!

Elder Brayden Connole

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