Monday, May 27, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary Update

Awesome Barn


All from AZ

Grandview Park

Well this week I was terrible at writing in my journal. I was sick for some of it, and did most of my catching up on Sunday. Hopefully I'll be able to reconstruct the week fairly well.


I don't remember too much about Monday, So I don't think anything overly exciting happened. It was Pday, that was fun! Oh wait, I do remember, our land lord came over to fix our burner on our stove, and we started teaching him. We have an appointment with him on Tuesday of this upcoming week.


Tuesday we had a couple of good appointments work out. We were walking and talking (street contacting) a lot throughout the day. We were able to teach a few new people. We also had an appointment with a lady who was trying to juggle her two crazy 3 year old twins while listening to us. I'm not sure if she got much out of the lesson. Toward the end of the day I started feeling a little sick, and it just got worse as the days progressed.


I wasn't feeling well still, but we had exchanges with our district leader. Interestingly enough, his companion wasn't feeling too good either, so me and E. Stechnij (pronounced steck-nee) had a little sick day to ourselves. We were able to meet with some less active members in the little flatwoods branch.


Thursday we had Zone Meetings. The Zone Leaders the day before had asked Elder Warner and I to give a 15 min presentation on the "How to Begin Teaching" section of PMG. However since we were on exchanges, we weren't able to plan for it at all. So we had about 5min prep before the meeting and just "winged it" and it worked out ok. 


I was pretty out of it all day. :( I'm feeling better now. It was a pretty short bug it looks like.  To end the monotony of the day, E. Warner and I would play a few rounds of Go Fish. That little bugger beat six times in a row! 


Friday wasn't too bad. However we weren't able to get too many appointments in.


We had our ward conference on Sunday. Which was really good. Of course the lunch afterwards was great. We sat by a couple in the ward. He's deaf and had all of us busting a gut with his Hellen Keller jokes.

We went out that evening and found a couple more people to teach.

Sorry it was so short. Love ya! 

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