Monday, May 20, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary Update...Tracting Dogs and Beauty

These dogs went tracting with the elders for a while.

He titled these as "There is Beauty All Around in WV."


We had dinner with a member at a place called Grandview. The place was appropriately named.


Had a great day on Tuesday. We drove out to Cool ridge to teach M and G. They're getting married on June 1st. He's a member, but less active, and she is a nonmember. It was a really good lesson, and although we weren't able to get much to of the lesson content that we had prepared, we were able to answer a lot of their questions through the Book of Mormon. She was pretty intrigued by the book. We have high hopes for them. They ended up both coming to church on Sunday.

We also had dinner and a lesson with the H's. After which, we introduced two young men from the ward to their sons. One of the sons came out to church for the first time this week!

After that lesson we had another in a member's home with O, and she came to church too! yea! It was a great church week.


We didn't have a lot pre-scheduled, so we ended up doing a lot of street contacting. It's E. Warner and My favorite way to find new people to teach. It's also been our most effective. We'll just walk around town teaching everyone and everything that moves. It's been a blast! E. Warner and I were just commenting on how much we love being missionaries. There really is nothing I would rather be doing right now.


We must have had a busy day or something because I don't remember skipping a day of journal writing, but somehow Thursday got missed.... Lemme check and see my planner...

I guess we had a few appointments. One of them was pretty funny with a young couple. They weren't married yet, but they had several kids together, and throughout our discussion one of the questions she asked led me to give her a Family Proclamation which answered her question. She kept reading the proclamation, and started jabbing at her fiance at how many times it mentioned "matrimony" or "marriage" in there. It was pretty funny.

I know we got caught in the rain a little on Thursday. It seems to rain a lot here.


Lol apparently I've been really tired writing in my journal. I put down the date for my journal entry as Thursday the 15th.Thursday was the 16th, and I was really writing about Friday the 17th.

Anyway we had a zone conference up in Charleston. It was pretty great. We had a special musical number "If You Could Hie To Kolob" which went really well. It was kind of scary when we first got there because none of the number was planned out, and I had been misinformed about which part I would be singing. I thought I was supposed to sing the tenor, but they wanted me on the Alto part (an octave down). But i didn't know the part at all. We ended up improvising by grabbing a couple more participants and having two elders sing melody, two elders sing tenor and two sing bass. That turned out well, and I didn't have to sing Alto. :)


Did some more street contacting and had a lot of success. We took a lot of ideas from zone conference about using the Book of Mormon more effectively. We were able to find a couple of new families to teach because of it. You've got to love the Book of Mormon.

A funny story: We were walking down the street., and some random guy grabs his old "Obama/Biden" campaign sign out of his garage and proudly places it his yard. Then he blabbed off some string of insults about Mitt Romney. I guess he also figured that every missionary was pretty tight with Mitt, so he told us that the next time we saw him to tell him just how bad he would be for the country. As we walked away, he grabbed his trusty sign and retired back to his garage. Oh people these days.

We also had a great lesson. E. Warner is the best greenie ever! It was a really powerful lesson that we had with this lady, and the spirit was really strong, and E. Warner just invites her to baptism right there outside on the street with cars whizzing by and everything. She said yes, and she's working toward June 15th! Woot!


Sunday was great, we had 3 investigators and 2 less actives at church. We filled the whole back row up. It was really cool to see. It is such a blessing from the Lord to see so many coming out. We only expect it to increase from here. We're way excited!

Love Ya!

Elder Brayden Connole 

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