Monday, June 17, 2013

Mama Rika's Missionary...Cool Barns and Handstands


good pday. taught some people. Missionary life is great!


Birthday number 21! Hung out at a few bars, went to a couple parties, and smoked a pack of cigarettes. Not bad for a week night!

Naw, just kidding. Aside from opening a few presents in the morning before studies, the day went about like any other missionary day. Most of the people we taught didn't even know it was my birthday, which I was perfectly content with. We had some investigators feed us, and they were mad at me when they found out it was my birthday and I didn't tell them. One of them ran to the store and bought an apple pie for me (I told him I'd rather have a pie than a cake).

Later that evening I was given permission to call my previous companion, E. Brandon and wish him a happy birthday as well. It just happens that we are exactly the same age. June 11th, 1992. That was kind of fun.


Taught some people, I don't remember too  many details and I didn't write much in my journal about it.


It rained a lot on Thursday. It seems to do that a lot here. We had planned on walking around and finding people to talk to, but that didn't work out too well. we were able to take a member to a see an investigator we talked to on Wednesday. it was kind of funny, we couldn't find a member's home so we stopped and asked her for directions. Turns out she seemed really interested in the Book of Mormon.

We met our investigator at a cafe, a couple of the workers there were curious as to why we were meeting. We told them that we were missionaries teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ and that they were more than welcome to sit in on the discussion. They declined at first, but later a couple of them came and sat down with all of us. It was a cool lesson.

Since the rain had ruined most of our plans, we decided to stop by some member's in the area. It turns out that we just happened to be an answer to one of the member's prayers. She'd been praying for missionary opportunities, but was scared about it, knowing that if she did pray, God would provide those opportunities. She didn't know if she had the courage or missionary skills to follow through with her end of sharing the gospel.

In our conversation, we were able to help her see how an upcoming family history, relief society activity could be a great way to do missionary work. It was good.

Later that evening we taught an Investigator with whom we were really struggling to understand her concerns. We did a mini-fast, just through dinner that day to help us out, and I know it paid off. the spirit was really strong and she did most of the talking. And she ended up saying the prayer at the end of the lesson!


Had exchanges with the Oakhill elders. twas a good exchange. We taught the plan of salvation to a couple at the church in the evening. It's the greatest! I love teaching the Plan of Salvation.


 Had a district meeting and then lunch at Chick-fil-a. What do I like about Chick-fil-a? Hmmm.... EVERYTHING!

We exchanged back after lunch. We were able to see one of our Spanish speaking investigators. The rest of our amigos moved down to North Carolina for work.

Our lesson with him was a combination of broken English, broken Spanish, gestures and signs, and reading passages of The Book of Mormon next to El Libro De Mormon. It was pretty fun. As he read through his Spanish version, we would follow along in English. Occasionally he would point to a specific word and ask what it meant. We would then guestimate the English word and then try to explain through or limited communication skills.

Example: "Iniquity" -- E. Connole says something along the lines of "Hombres do no bueno" (I'm sure it's terrible grammar, but it got the point across.

Example #2 "Forbid" --E. Connole makes shooing noises and pretends to walk away.

It was an interesting twist on Charades.


We had some investigators at church! yay! and a couple less active members too! Yay!

that was the good stuff of this week

Love ya!

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