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Mama Rika Missionary Update

OOPS!  I have been negligent in my updates.  Sorry!

July 8

After pday was finished, we had a great appointment all set up to teach a less active member and his non-member girlfriend. Unfortunately it fell through. But the Lord blessed us so that when we went to see a different less active family, we were able to teach her non-member father. I guess the Lord needed us somewhere else that day.
In the morning, we took a member with us to go see some investigators that had fallen off our radar for a while. Almost all the people we had planned to stop by basically fell through, but we were finally able to meet with an investigator named E. We showed him some of the cool new things that the church was doing with technology (apps, websites, etc.) while simultaneously inserting doctrines of the restoration and plan of salvation lessons.
When we were done with that appointment, we were dropped back off at our house, and picked up by another member, this time a young man in the ward. We taught a new investigator with him, then got soaked in a random torrential downpour. (we were drenched in seconds) We had dinner with some investigators that night.

Then from about 8-9 we took our ward mission leader with us and visited a less-active member. It was a great day for member missionary work. There was hardly a minute that we weren't with members the whole day.
On Wednesday, as well as every day since we committed to teach 20 member present lessons and 0 lessons without members, any lesson that we had scheduled without a member accompanying us has fallen through. We literally couldn't teach a lesson without a member, even if we wanted to. The investigators forget, their family members get sick, they have random business trips or service activities that just seem more important than our lesson, the list goes on and on. We started getting frantic toward the end of the week whenever we didn't have a member with us because we were afraid that it was starting to actually cause all these problems for our investigators.
But anyway, we were able to have bishop come with us to see an excommunicated member, and also to go see our landlord. It was really useful having Bishop there for those appointments. We then rushed off to a dinner appointment with the H family where we taught one of our investigators there. Then Bro. H took us to give a blessing to a less active member who was pretty OTG as my companion likes to put it. (OTG = Off The Grid)

Independence Day! We had a member sign up to feed us lunch. They called the night before and said, in essence, "I know you can't wear your 'pday' clothes unless you do service, so you're going to come over and mow my lawn. After which we're going to have a water balloon fight and your going to play croquet. Then we'll fire up the grill with hot dogs and hamburgers. So we'll see you at noon?"  We laughed and accepted the terms. Besides, we've been trying to help this member out for a while. Mowing his lawn was great.
The Party was great. In addition to the water balloon fight and croquet game, I played an intense game of checkers with his 9 year old grand daughter. She didn't think she was going to win, but she came back from behind and took advantage of a 6 jump to take all of my remaining pieces. I'll tell you what, that was hard to set up, but she was so excited when she won, she ran out of the house celebrating.
It was great.
Most of the day was spent in Charleston at Zone meetings. They drastically changed up the way that district meetings will be held so that they more closely resemble some of the training that we did in the MTC.
Later that evening we met with one of our investigators at the church. We had him teach us the plan of salvation, and he did an excellent job.
Saturday was interesting to say the least. We had planned to take a member with us to a few appointments, but he was pretty out of it that morning, so we gave him encouragement and help. We went to lunch with him.
Our ward mission leader went street contacting with us as well. That was a first time for me that a member came out with us street contacting.
We taught a member and his non member wife the Word of Wisdom. they were really really open to it, and saw how it could really bless their lives.

Sunday was awesome because it's the sabbath, but not so awesome because none of our investigators or less active members joined us in our sabbath day observance. I have to admit, coming off of such a great week of member missionary work, it was rather disheartening to not see anyone show up.

We did have a ray of hope though, we will begin teaching our elders quorum leader's kids later this week, and they've started to attend pretty regularly to church ever since he started having them on the weekends. yes!

July 17

ok, lets see if I can get everything down. It's been a great past week.


We went out with some investigators and a couple of missionaries and threw the disc around. I was pretty happy with myself, I was able to launch it about 85 (ish) yards still. (ok so there was a bit of a breeze, but it was still a dang good throw). We did some street contacting later that day and just happened to run into a long lost member.

Oh, and we drank from a fire hydrant on Monday too.


E. Warner had some gnarly acid reflux problems all throughout the week, and they were acting up pretty bad on Tuesday. However we were still able to teach a good amount of lessons. We found out that one of our investigators has a very Calvinistic view of the gospel. He believes in Election and a limited atonement. I got pretty intense in a few spots, especially when I told him that I thought his theological concepts were far too resemblent of Satan's plan. He took that much better than I expected.


Somewhere around 2:30am, unknown to us, our car was broken into. One other car was broken into on our street. The weird thing was that they didn't take anything.They even left our gas card sitting in the front seat. They just rummaged around and left stuff strewn about the car. The only thing that was taken, between the two cars, were some sunglasses. Weird right?

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, we had a PEC meeting, and we helped a member move a couch.


I didn't write too much in my journal about Thursday. I guess I must have been pretty tired or some thing. Here's what I wrote:

"Today was pretty good. We took Bro. C out with us for most of the day. We taught a couple of people. It was good."


Friday we had a district meeting here. The format for district meetings have changed a lot since I first came out. I like the new format much better. We were able to learn a lot for our lesson later that evening. We taught a part member about keeping the Sabbath day holy.


 We had a barbecue/ service thing at the church. It went pretty well. We were able to spread new mulch down. Bishop really wanted to do it because of the National Jamboree that started the following Monday. He figured we'd probably have a lot of visitors because of it. We did.


We were rushing around in the morning waking up investigators and less active members to get them out to church. We were rewarded for our efforts with 3 investigators and a 2 less active members there. yay!

Sister M, who is our chorister, heard my plunking away at the piano at the barbecue/service thing at the church the day before. So, she asked me to play the prelude music before sacrament. That was fun, though slightly nerve wracking as well. That led to one of the bishopric members asking me to play along for opening exercises. I played out the top hand of "Sweet Hour of Prayer" and called it good. I guess that's what I get for playing in front of people

Also, cool miracle we needed to set one more person on date for baptism to achieve our goals this week. We had only one set appointment that whole day. We invited to baptism and he accepted a date of Aug 17th. sweet!


We had to try to get the car fixed on Monday. the power steering light came on a few days ago. turns out nothing was actually wrong with the car!

We walked around town a talked to people. A few times we stopped and picked some wild blackberries and black raspberries.


Nothing too crazy went down. went out with some members. I found out I was training again and staying here. Super excited for that!


July 22

Transfer week was this past week, it was a really bittersweet thing for me. I just finished up training E. Warner, so it's good to see that he'll go do many wonderful things out in Roanoke. But I will definitely miss him. He's been a good companion to me. On the plus side of things, my new companion, E. Peterson is great! He's fresh off the plane and super excited and prepared to be a great missionary. The one thing I prayed for was that I could have a hard working companion, and it's sure good to have prayers answered.


Wednesday was pday. E. Warner and I went around saying goodbye to the members. He was sad to leave, but excited for the new area and companion. It was interesting to see the members tell him how much of an impact he had on their families. I think sometimes we don't realize how much of an impact we do have on the people we talk to or meet with.


Thursday was the actual transfer day. I got my new boy, E. Peterson, he's super legit. We went out street contacting, and he was totally fearless. We started teaching a Haitian guy because of it. We taught a few lessons together on his first day as well. This will be a busy couple of transfers.


We took a member out with us for a while. He had actually been excommunicated a while back but now is in full fellowship with the church and has had all his blessings restored. It was really awesome to take him because he has such a firm testimony and solid understanding of the gospel. We taught our Haitian friend again, this time with the help of a smart phone and google translate. It made it much easier to explain the Godhead. Plus we just happened to have a french copy of the book of mormon in our apartment to give him.

The other super cool thing was that we took the same member with us to go teach a currently excommunicated member. Talk about a great way to help uplift and inspire those that are seeking to come back! He was perfect. He shared some great scriptures that helped him return to the church, and also invited her out to church. (and she came!) It was bomb!


Saturday was pretty busy. We taught the D's. The kids are working toward baptism, and the dad is the elders quorum president in the ward. I think I felt a lot like what mom and dad must have felt like when we acted up during family home evening. But I hope something got through to them. We took another member out with us later that evening. We were able to teach one of our preacher friends with him. E. Peterson is pretty determined to get him baptzed now.


Sunday was awesome we had a bunch of people at church that were investigators or less active members. We also went out with members and taught a few part member families. Some of which have been super prepared for the gospel. It was fun to have Elder Peterson give our district leader our numbers for the week and to have the district leader not believe him. The Lord is blessing us immensely.

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