Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary Update (The first of the last 3!)

You know, I don't know if this is normal, but I've found out that getting up and going for a good run in the morning really makes the day that much better. I just feel great about the week.


Well, we had a wonderful p-day, as usual. Relaxing, not much going on. Time to just kick back and smell the roses. We started teaching another part-member family that evening. The husband R is not a member yet, but he'd sure make a good one. He loves scouting and family and hard work. Maybe in the future when we get more young men in the branch, we can have R work with them in scouting. Who knows, it could happen.


One Tuesday we had a zone specialized training. I was invited to do a special musical number. I whipped together a piano arrangement of two primary hymns: "I Like to Look For Rainbows" and "I Love To See the Temple". It went better than I expected. I want to try and record it sometime when I get home.

 It was the big meeting for the month and the last big meeting before I go home. It is tradition in the WVCM to have the old-fart missionaries give a departing testimony in their last big meeting before they "go the way of all the earth". I was the only missionary in the zone giving a departing testimony, and I had to do it right after President Pitt played an amazing talk by Elder Holland.

It was a talk given at the MTC in Jan of 2011. It  was almost identical to his talk given in General Conference entitled "The Great Commandment" (i think) Anyway, he taught about Peter and Christ's exchange where Christ asks Peter three times, "Do you love me?"

Elder Holland's words hit me hardest when he repeated in several variations the words "You cant' go back." It was then that the tears started flowing and I realized that I needed to accept that fact that my mission was coming to a close and that I needed to move on. I needed to realize that I was holding on too much to the un-lived dreams of my past missionary areas and not looking forward enough to the bright prospects of my immediate future. I think my mind at that point finally decided to stop dreading the end of my mission, and start enjoying the prospects of a happy life after the mission. It was really a wonderful thing.

I then bore my testimony standing there alone, and seeing the bright and talented young missionaries that they were. I felt like I could at least leave the mission in good hands.
Anyway, after getting back to our apartment, and feeling like we could conquer the world, our two solid appointments for that evening both cancelled on us. And worse, one of them was a dinner appointment... :(

To try to see the brighter side of things, we walked down to the post office in hopes of mail... Nada. One the way back, we met this lady that was really high, and was swearing like crazy. We returned to our apartment had nothing set for dinner and a very messy kitchen.

Nevertheless, with a heart full of joy, (sorta) I plowed away at the dishes while E. Nelson started making tacos. (they were delicious by the way)

We started to head out to Idamay after dinner to contact some referrals. Halfway there, we realized we left the contact information at the apartment. grrr.... So we drove to the house and grabbed it. We tried to contact a part-member family, but instead we found out that their friendly, but uninterested neighbor had "already been saved."

By this time it was getting dark, but we had a couple more referrals to contact. When we got there, the lights were on, and the cars were there, but nobody besides the noisy dog answered the door. Since it was dark out, I was hesitant to knock on the neighbor's door to see if they knew where our referral was at. (this was a method recommended to us by our mission president to find more people to teach)  On the other hand, neither Elder Nelson or I wanted to leave until we found out why the Lord had sent us this direction.

After discussing for a minute, Elder Nelson spotted a few people outside a neighboring house. We went up and started talking to them. At the end of an hour long conversation between two missionaries and three teenage boys, We left each of them a Book of Mormon and specific scriptures to read that addressed their individual questions or concerns.

It was a miracle.


I guess to make up for the lengthy amount of words on Tuesday, I neglected my Journaling of Wednesday... I don't really recall what happened that day.


We went to go see C, one of our investigators. We had planned to teach him using John chapter 21, but we never really finished the lesson we had planned. The spirit led us another direction. We invited him to be baptized, and he said he'd like to do it, but he didn't feel like he was physically able to endure baptism.

He's an older gentleman, and just getting up to go to the bathroom he has to take breathing medicine. The spirit was strong and we offered him a blessing, he initially declined, but said he'd like to have it after church on Sunday. We agreed and told him that if he had faith he would be healed and ready for baptism the following Saturday.

Oh yea, and we had switch drivers on Thursday, Elder Nelson had a rough time with the truck... We ended up in a couple ditches, but we found our way out in the end.


We had a referral to contact up in the northern part of our area, really close to the Pennsylvania border. Unfortunately, we only had a P.O. Box and a name. We spent several hours trying to find out if anyone knew this person and it bore but little fruit.


We went and saw C again, this time we taught him the about keeping the Sabbath day holy.


C and his Grandson Cr came to church! Wahoo! It went super well.

Also, we had a couple show up at church, T and K. She is a member, but her husband, K, is not. They had both been on the temple grounds earlier that week and K had said that someday he wanted to go in. We introduced ourselves, and he invited us over for dinner and a lesson in his home. How awesome is that? I'm sure I maintained dignified look on the outside, but on the inside I was doing cartwheels, fist pumps, and heel clicks. Wahoo!

Also, later that evening, we gave C a blessing. It was interesting how it worked out. He was supposed to get a blessing right after church, but for whatever reason he declined again. When we stopped by at 6pm, he again initially declined our invitation to receive a blessing. He told us that he didn't feel like he was ready yet. Then he thought for a minute, and his demeanor changed, and he said something like, "Oh, whatever! I guess we can do it now."

There was a sweet peace in the room as I sealed the anointing that E. Nelson had done. When all was said and the blessing was finished, C said he had started feeling better already.

It's a time for miracles isn't it?

Love ya!

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