Monday, September 16, 2013

Mama Rika Missionary Update

Well, here goes nothing....


We decided that we should conserve miles and not go into Fairmont to do laundry. We have a washer at our place in Mannington, but no dryer. Kind of odd, but that's how it is. By the end of the day, our townhouse had random articles of clothing draped over banisters, doors, chairs, couches, etc., trying to get them dry. I'll be so grateful when I don't have to stress about getting my laundry done.

Later that evening we stopped by a few part member families in the ward. We started teaching a particular family with an 18 yr old son. He took a Book of Mormon, and said he'd give us one lesson and go from there. Let's hope we get his interest from the get go.


Tuesday was really productive. We found several new investigators as we walked through downtown Farmington. ( Population of maybe 100, and I think that may be pushing it.) It's got one of the only doctor's clinics for miles, so people come there. We taught a couple of people who were one their way back out to their cars from their doctor's appointments. It worked really well. 


Not a ton happened until about dinner time. The W's picked us up for dinner, and afterwards, Bro. W came out with us. I was really impressed with him. He even had a bum leg at the time. Something wrong with his knee. We started teaching a guy named R G. It was just on the doorstep, but it went really well. I think he and his wife will get baptized. They have some really good member friends that referred us to them. 


Teaching, teaching and more teaching! It was good day we taught a total of about 4 or 5 lessons. One of our lessons, we had planned and prepared to teach the Plan of Salvation lesson, however, after asking a few questions, we found out that he hadn't been reading anything yet. So instead of plowing ahead we just read with him instead. I've come to find out that in a conversion to the gospel, their personal reading of the book of mormon is probably the most important aspect of their conversion.


We had an excellent lesson with R again. This time we taught his whole family. The lesson went really well. This time we brought the B's along, and they stayed afterwards and talked for another hour or so. It went really, really well. R accepted a baptismal date, while his wife was a little more hesitant.


On Saturday we were able to contact a couple of referrals, and teach a few part member families. One of the people we taught asked us this question: "can you tell me your experience of Jesus being in you?" if we translate that from pentecostal to mormon it should read "can you tell me about your testimony of Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Ghost?"


Had a couple of less active members and non members at church. It was really great. We were really happy about it. We taught a little class of 3 people and after the lesson we all talked about missionary work. It was cool to see the faith of recently returning members. They have such a fire to the Lord's work. We'll fill up that room in there, and soon we'll fill up the whole branch building. It'll be great.

That's the week for me! 

Just another day in the life!

Love ya!

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