Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mama Rika: Last Missionary Update from WV

Well, In my excitement this morning, I forgot my journal... hopefully I can recall the events of the week.


Monday was great. We mostly just prepped for the baptism. Made some necessary phone calls and such. It was an exciting day


We didn't realize how dirty the baptismal font was until we got there Tuesday morning. It hadn't been used for over a year. We had to clear the cobwebs, and scare the bugs off before we could start scrubbing it down. Thankfully we left ourselves enough time to get everything cleaned up and set up before we headed home, changed and showered up before the baptism.

We had just enough time to invite some other folks to come and see the baptism before it started. We had a great turnout, K was a nervous wreck. The baptism went pretty well. After the first talks and such, K and our branch president both got into the font. E. Nelson and I were witnesses. I got a little nervous when we opened the doors, it didn't look like there was enough water for both of them in there. K is 6 foot 3 and 280lbs, strong as an ox. Pres. A is similar in height, but more lanky.

He went down without a hitch, but it was a struggle getting them both back up... I don't think Pres. Ashcraft expected to get as wet as he did.  But, all is well that ends well.

Since General Conference was going to be that weekend, and Pres. Ashcraft wanted to get Kevin to the temple as soon as possible (probably later this month for baptisms.), we confirmed him at the baptism.


In the morning we went to the M family rabbit farm. We helped them dig a ditch for some new electric wire going out to the Bunny Barn. After which, we had some sort of rice and meat concoction. It was some of the best rabbit I've ever eaten. MMMmmmmMMm I love Mannington West Virginia!

Later in the day, we taught C M. She basically just told us that she'd taken all the lessons before, and her only hold up last time was that she wasn't married. 

 After talking for a while, I said, "well it seems to me like you just want to get baptized."

She responded with " well... yeah."

"When would you like to do it?" I asked

"I'm open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays." came the reply.

  Over the next several days, much like K, we reviewed all the lessons, and she'll be baptized on Sunday the 13th (Sunday just seemed to work better with everyone's schedules). Miracles come in groups I guess.


We taught a few of our investigators. Cl seems to be doing much better than he was last week. Not a ton else to report.


We had a zone meeting. We were only informed of this fact a few days before it actually happened. Our district leader forgot that he was supposed to prepare a district leader teaching portion, so he just winged it for us and did a pretty good job. He said after the fact "if it wasn't for E. Tebbs (one of our zone leaders) there, we would've just had a going away party for E. Connole."

We taught C again that night. Or rather, she more or less just taught us and we confirmed her teaching. (remind you of anyone?)


GENERAL CONFERENCE! Wahoo! I've said it before, but I'll say it again, General Conference to a missionary is like a die hard Cardinals fan watching the Cardinals win the Superbowl. The only difference is the missionaries get to see it twice a year, and it lasts 10 hours!  It was great.


See yesterday
And then we taught C right after a session.


This is the part of the transfer where I run out of planner, and have to use the "week 7" spot at the back. It tries to fit an entire week's worth of planning on what normally would be used for half of the day.  So more or less, we taught a few more people, said some goodbyes yada yada


See yesterday's entry:

And Trunkiness sets in.

That's all that's happened so far, let me give you a rundown of what the next few days will be like for me.


Packing packing and more packing. see a few people in the evening, maybe grab some dinner. Try to go to sleep. (maybe)


Arrive in Clarksburg around 8 am with luggage in hand. Drive down to Charleston. Say goodbyes, listen to the who's who gibberish of the mission. Get to the transfer church around 11am. Fret about going home. Listen somewhat distractedly at whoever's speaking.

Leave the building, check my baggage, realize I left something in mannington. Forget about it and move forward. Somewhere in there, get to the mission home, eat dinner, departing interview, sleep (maybe).


Depart 7am from the Airport. Arrive at home airport around 1pm (ideally) hug family, probably cry and laugh. Eat food. yada yada. Stay up late talking.. sleep (maybe)

Begin real life.... sleep (optional)

Love ya!

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