About CompleteLee

Where did you get a name like CompleteLee?    In trying to come up with a name for our company, we needed a word that encompasses everything we do and who we are. Kevin & I took our middle names, Lee & Lee and tried out lots and lots of words that could possibly be added to Lee. We decided we liked the word complete for a variety of reasons. Complete means whole or entire, so that could include all that we do. Complete also describes what we are as a family. Without one of us, we are incomplete. Our family is the most important thing in this world to us.

What DO you do?  CompleteLee is in the business of strengthening all the elements of a family and helping individuals to enjoy life’s journey through books, seminars, games, sports and educational products on a variety of topics.  The CompleteLee Family includes, but is not limited to:

  • CompleteLee Golf
  • CompleteLee Learning
  • CompleteLee Music
  • CompleteLee Seminars

What is your mission statement? The Mission of CompleteLee, LLC is to strengthen all the elements of a family and to help individuals enjoy life’s journey by providing wholesome resources and activities with which to learn and grow and by highlighting pathways to seek truths wherever truths may be found.  

Our family member’s acquired knowledge and varied abilities are the foundation from which we build seminars, products and programs that lead, teach and guide others to the greatest happiness attainable.

CompleteLee main website = http://completelee.com/
CompleteLee Store = http://completeleelearning.com/store/