Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mama Rika Tells How to Keep Hats on Babies

My babies always wear hats. People wonder how I get them to keep hats on. Here are a few tips...First, start them early to get them used to it! Always put a hat on whenever they are going outside. Hat, then, becomes synonymous with going out. That is actually the biggest trick. If the baby begins to understand that they can only go outside if they are wearing a hat, they will want to wear a hat. If Chubby (15 months) wants to go outside he will go get his hat and either attempt to put it on himself, or hand it to someone for help.

If baby keeps taking his hat off, there are consequences. Either he is taken inside, or he is held in the shade if going inside is not an option. I don't do this to be mean. Not only are hats cute on babies, but hats also offer protection from sun and wind. My babies have all been fair-haired and fair-skinned and would burn easily. Exposing babies to wind can promote and/or worsen ear problems and who wants that. Babies generally love being outside, so they learn quickly.

Tip 3 is to make hats fun. Dress them up and dance around. Point out others wearing hats, especially family members they know and love.
Offer praise when they try hats on all by themselves.

Have brother take multiple pictures of cute baby in hat and keep sending them to Mom's phone in the middle of a class she is taking.

"Just one more, Mom! He's so cute!"
You may remember this picture from a few posts ago. I thought of the book "Caps for Sale" when I saw him. He loves hats!

All in all, it takes a little doing, but babies truly can be taught to keep hats on!
Don't forget to do some Spring Clean for 5 today!


Eldest Son said...

Haha the floppy bucket hat is awesome! Der-bear used to wear one of those all the time!

JUST ME, THE MOM said...

Me again! The photos are absolutely darling - the best part!

Kristin K

Anonymous said...

Aww, he is adorable. My boys love wearing hats also!