Friday, September 19, 2008

How I Do It ALL! (Or...Peace & Quiet)

AHHHH! Home alone for a short while. Well, at least mostly alone. I just put the baby down for a nap. Truth be told, I put the baby down, sat down at the computer, heard a cry, ran down the hall to pacify him back to sleep, found him to be still sleeping, came back to the computer. Whew!

It is funny, I really get people asking me the question in the title of this post. How do you do it all? If ALL were a thing on the roof of my house, I would be standing in a deep hole in the ground, trying to claw my way to the see-able but not do-able thing. That is what it feels like a lot of times. In my mind are hundreds, thousands even, of things that all would encompass. Do I do a lot? Sure, but I am a far cry from doing it all.

I have good days. I taught my kids many things in school that they seemed interested in learning about, we shared smiles, played a game or two, made homemade bread from fresh ground wheat and homemade noodles for chicken soup for dinner, snuck in my scripture study, played a little piano, took time for a friend in need, etc.

Wait! Pause. I am just remembered, I can turn on the classical music station with no complaints. Be right back.

I'm back.

I have bad days. Nothing I planned to do got done, one kid got sick, someone else shattered another light bulb, so-and-so had to be taxied to such-and-such but they forget their watcha-ma-call-it and this cost an extra trip, fighting and arguing was at an all time high, the bathroom is disgusting and there's nothing ready for dinner and everyone is hungry, etc.

It is strange, but sometimes the good days can be bad days and the bad days can wind up being good days. As I was rocking (walking/bouncing) the baby to sleep, I was thinking about clever things I could say about this subject. Of course now that I am sitting here, I have misplaced my original adjectives and inviting verbs in some miscellaneous file folder at the back right corner of my brain. Okay, that was a bit of a tangent. But then again, maybe not. That is what my life is about. "I flit. I float. I fleetly flee. I fly." from task to task, sometimes combining 8 tasks into one. {I think I quoted something from a movie--perhaps accurately, perhaps not. I can't even remember what it is from. I am picturing a little girl singing that. Can anyone tell me what that's from?}

The question turns from "How do you do it all?" to "How do you do a lot?" One of the things that is significant is how I deal with things mentally. It is generally quite helpful to me throughout the day if I have gotten my morning scripture/ponder/pray time. That gives me something to draw from when I am tempted towards impatience, frustration and/or tears. Oftentimes I'll read just the right thing to recall later in the day. Pondering and praying give me a chance to start the day with a clear head.

Things don't always go so smoothly, though. Sometimes the baby decides sleep is not important or decides to get up very early which prohibits me from any amount of sustained focus. On occasion, it seems as though everyone's soul purpose that day is to test and try mother. On these days, I often succumb to internal abuse, feeling like a failure. Sometimes I am on edge and grumbly to my family. But each new day, each new hour, each new moment brings with it the opportunity to do things differently than I did the last. Whereas one minute I may be harping on Peanut for doing a lousy job of making his bed, later I may be dealing with the situation of Nanner spilling yogurt all over the table by excitedly calling all the rest of the kids to grab a spoon and eat to help their sibling in distress.

What's with the other part of the title? You thought it was just that the house has peace and quiet right now with everyone gone, huh? Well, that too. Finding peace and quiet in a split second, cherished minute or blessed hour is how I hold things together. What I mean by that is peace and quiet on my inside. Capturing even a small moment to recall a blessing, send up a prayer of thanks or feel God's love in another way keeps me renewed. It is only when I find this kind of peace that I can leave the bad days behind and have hope for good.

Baby is awake again.

Praying for internal peace & quiet for you today. Hoping my unedited ramblings made sense today. :)


Laurie said...

That quote is from Sound of Music's "So Long, Farewell." :)

I LOVED this post!! Thanks!

CompleteLee Blogger said...

Ahh--so it tis!

Julie said...

Ahh! What you've said feels like looking in a mirror. So glad to know I have a kindred spirit.

Bugs said...

I was going to tell you Sound of Music too but someone beat me to it!