Friday, September 26, 2008

Strange Baby Habits

My baby has developed a pinching fetish. He enjoys pinching small bits of skin (preferably mine) between his chubby little thumb and pointer finger. He pinches on my arm, my earlobe, my cheek and most especially likes to grab a tiny bit of my lip to pull and scratch. Ouch!

This got me to thinking about if my other babies did strange things like this. Yup, sure did. Princess loved to hold on to people's thumbs. She attached a little song to the ritual. She would hum a little ditty that she made up while rubbing and poking someone's thumb. When she could speak, she would often inquire sweetly of someone, "Fum?" (Thumb)

I had another baby that loved to take the triangular edges of his blanky and put them gently in his nostril as he would fall asleep. Triangle edged blankets were a favorite of another child or two that liked simply to put their fingers in and out of the triangle.

I had one baby that was attached to a binky and then a thumb after that. But that is fairly common, I think.

At least a couple of my babies enjoyed "banging". They would bang their head or chest into something repeatedly just for fun. Why? Mystery to me!

What are some strange baby habits your children have exhibited? Just for fun, comment below and let me know! :)


Christensenmom said...

When my soon-to-be three year old is tired, she pinches my neck! She's done that ever since she was tiny, especially when nursing. Maybe chubby learned it from mine when you were here, lol!

Laurie said...

My oldest pulls a piece of hair from the top of her head, pulls it forward, right in front of her face, and strokes it, over and over again when she's tired or drinking juice.