Thursday, October 2, 2008

If I Were an Angel on Christmas Night ~Picture Contest!~

I could really use your help! I’m looking for your adorable, sweet girl and “definitely a boy” pictures so that I can create a music video featuring my song “If I Were an Angel on Christmas Night”. The video will be put on for your viewing pleasure as soon as it is ready.

I want a wide variety of pictures. Kids in their Sunday best, or climbing a tree, or playing in the mud, or creating art, or hugging a sibling, etc. If you can match a picture to any of the following snippets of lyrics, all the better!

From the little girl's verse:
"I would sing with the voice of a night-en-gale.
I would dress in my pret-ti-est white."

From the little boy's verse:
"I would wear some-thing 'spe-cial-ly bright.
I would run here and there..."

From the "all the kids" verses:
"We would laugh, we would sing, make some joy-ful noise."

Children in the pictures need to be under 10 years old (or appear to be). I am accepting pictures with groups of children as well as single pictures. Pictures may be subject to some editing. Email your submissions and questions to by October 18th. Please include your email address and last name in the body of the email and use “Angel pics” as your subject heading. Your pictures will only be used for the purposes of this contest, and will not be sold, sent to random people via email, used for an unrelated project, printed out and hung on my wall, or anything other than precisely what I outlined.

Whether or not your submission is chosen, you will be entered into a drawing to win prizes, including downloads and CD’s.

Anyway, I hope you have a picture or two to share with me. You are welcome to pass the info in this post along to friends/relatives too if you want. I need quite a few pictures. :)

Thanks for your help!

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Bugs said...

Princess is sooooooo adorable! I want one!!! heehee...