Monday, October 13, 2008

The Many Hats of Me, Marika Lee

No, I am not turning into Dr. Seus. I am infusing a new cast of characters into my blog. Allow me to introduce them to you.

Chef Maki has already made an appearance and is the stepping stone from whom I am leaping into all the new, yet old, characters. Chef Maki will share recipes and kitchen shortcuts. Maki comes from a nickname I had as a child. (Actually, my siblings and Dad still call me this on occasion.) (Pronounce like this: "Mak" rhymes with smack, "i" says ee.)

Ms. Wise and Ms. Otherwise offer tips and tricks on schooling that have been learned through smart thinking and mistakes. No nicknames to draw from here, it is just that sometimes I learn things from having been wise and sometimes I wish I had done something differently than I did!

Mama Rika reports on family happenings, homemaking and parenting ideas. Mama is self-explanatory. Rika is a nickname that came from one of my nephews or nieces that couldn't pronounce my name. It was probably from a nephew since I have lots more of those than nieces. (Pronounce like this: "Rika" sounds like Rita only with a K instead of a T.)

Makiavelli describes the latest creations of CompleteLee, LLC. There was an Italian person named Niccolo Machiavelli that was a real Rennaissance man, talented as a musician, poet, philosopher, playright and diplomat. So, since our family dabbles in a little of this, that and the other, I deemed it appropriate. (Pronounce like this: "Mak" rhymes with smack, "i" says ee, then say "uh" and "velli" rhymes with jelly.)

Mow-gLee's Monkey Business takes charge of fun stuff, contests and promotions. Lee is my middle name, it also happens to be Kevin's middle name. We both love monkeys. {hmmm. I wonder what became of my very large monkey stuffed animal collection I had as a kid.} And, yes, that is where we get the name CompleteLee from. (Pronounce like this: "Mow" as in mow the lawn, "gLee" as in happy.)

Please give them all a warm welcome. ;)


Laurie said...

What a great way to organize your blog! Welcome to the many hats of Marika Lee!! :)

Munchkins and Music said...

Looking forward to it!