Saturday, November 29, 2008

Makiavelli Creates a Beginners Guide for Blogging & Website Traffic

I first established a blog in April of 2008. I figured out how to make a couple of entries and then left it alone until about July. I didn't know what I was doing with it. I didn't really know what blogging was all about. So, I started doing some investigating!

I created this guide to help others learn the things I learned all while taking less time than I took. If this guide had been in my possession a few months ago, I could have saved myself the hassle of many hours of searching. Using my notes from extensive searching I compiled what I feel like is very useful information for bloggers that are just starting out, or for bloggers that just want some extra ideas without having to search high and low for the info!

Read the guide to find information on:

Blog Definitions (What do all these weird words mean??)

Blog Carnivals (How? Why? What?)

Blog Aggregators (Individual write-ups with pros and cons)

Social Communities (Reviews on several popular sites)

Getting Free Traffic (How to, what to)

The entire guide is written in PLAIN ENGLISH so that even the "technologically clueless" {read as Marika} can understand it without being intimidated by computer geek terminology!

You can purchase this guide here at YouPublish for $2.95. It is worth the small investment to save yourself the trouble of discovering it all on your own!

Hope you enjoy!

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