Monday, November 3, 2008

Mama Rika's Ideas on What to Say Other Than no, No, NO!!

Babies like to get into everything, don't they? And it is so easy to find yourself constantly telling them "no". I think they eventually become immune to the word if you don't find alternatives.

Here are some I use:

1. "Shut the door/drawer." Make them little door moniters that are on the lookout for doors left ajar. They are more likely to grasp the concept that it is fun to shut the drawer than to investigate the contents.
2. "Give to Mama, Daddy,whomever". Their attenton is drawn fom whatever off-limits object they are holding to the task of succeeding in bringing the item to the appropriate person. Applause and/or cheers when they do what you asked is a great idea.
3. Say simply their name in a warning tone. This works sometimes.
4. "Put it back."
5. "Get the ball!" Or distract them with some other fun item they can easily see.
6. "Nice, soft." Say this when they are wanting to pull sister's hair or smack her with hard objects. Then, take the little one's hand and demonstrate how nice, soft is to be carried out. They catch on quickly.
7. "Throw it!" If the offending item won't break or hurt something, get the child to toss the object away from themselves.
8. "Let's try this." Send older siblings, or yourself, on a hunt for things that he/she hasn't played with before or often and trade for whatever it is you don't want him/her to have.
9. "Where's _________". Another distraction technique. Fill in the blank with the name of someone or something that they can recognize.
10. "Nej, Gubben!" Use this Swedish phrase when exasperated and you can't think of anything better. (Pronounce "Nay Goo-ben {"oo" as in book})

Got ideas? Please share!


Shauna said...

What awesome ideas!

Sandra said...

Great ideas.

Renee said...

Great ideals! Thanks for sharing.


CompleteLee Blogger said...

I guess I should tell you that nej means no and gubben means basically little man. :)

I thought of one more thing to say instead of no too..."yucky!" When they eat something that isn't good for them, say "yucky" and put your hand in front of their mouth and show them your tongue. They'll often spit it out then.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Love them :)

Julie Letner said...

It is better to be proactive than reactive. My daughter likes to eat food off the floor, so I just make sure I clean it up before she can get to it. Problem avoided. (I know easier said than done).