Friday, November 7, 2008

Mama Rika's Quiet, Yet Funny, "Peanut"

Here is "Peanut". He is my child that is not outspoken, doesn't care to be the center of attention, laughs at the weirdest things, has great math skills, understands the diagramming of sentences (this is amazing), has incredible dimples, is outfitted with a very long wingspan, exults in fooling others with his great Ultimate Frisbee abilities, gets overjoyed at small things (take a lesson), is an awesome big and little brother...and the list goes on!

It dawned on me recently the reason for which Peanut was continually edging closer to the television set in the last few months when I did a quick eyesight quiz on him. Then I let him try on my glasses and he could actually see better, not worse! Yikes!

Off to the eye doctor we went, only to find out it would be two more weeks before his glasses would come in. That's okay, though because Peanut discovered an old pair of Patchy's glasses that he happily wore until his were acquired. I emphasize the "happily" because he very cheerfully donned the crooked spectacles to wear around the house. He got in the habit of sliding the glasses to the end of his nose, peering over the top for a moment, sliding them back up and exclaiming, "Oh, cool! I can see..." What fun it is to discover!

We talked about the possibility of glasses improving his Ultimate skills. He said they wouldn't, necessarily, because he can see well enough to see the disc coming at him. Upon reflection, however, he did think of one thing. He relies on viewing hand motions rather than facial cues to see what someone wants him to do in the game. He told me, "Sometimes when 'Sticky' motions, I am not sure if he wants me to go deep or come closer because I can't tell for sure which way he is signaling." (Here I had to laugh since that does make a big difference!)

And, here is the proud owner of uncrooked glasses! (Note the incredible dimples).


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Love it! What a cute kid! Thanks for sharing :) (((HUGS))) ♥

Laurie said...

Boy, it's so nice to be able to see when you get that new pair of glasses!!

Lana said...

Hi Marika!
He really does have great dimples :)