Monday, December 15, 2008

Ms. Wise & Ms. Otherwise Say: Yay! A Clogged Drain!

It is true. I was actually a kinda excited about our kitchen sink not draining. No, I am not crazy. It is just that I came into the kitchen to find this scene... What is awesome about the picture above is that I caught Bub in the act of explaining the fine art of plumbing to Peanut and Sticky. I happen to think it is incredibly cool to catch big kids teaching their siblings useful things.

Here's the scoop. It was Bub's dish night and he (obviously) wasn't done yet when he discovered the water wasn't going anywhere. He got the plunger to see if he could force the clog through. However, it was a tough one, so that didn't work. The little boys {They aren't so little any more, they are just smaller than the bigger boys, so they will probably always be "the little boys".} ...anyway, as I was saying, the little boys came to check up on Bub's dish progress and found interesting actions at hand. That's when Bub started explaining and I captured the moment.

Together we got a little more aggresive with the clog and took out most everything from under the sink. We were able to talk about the U-trap as we unscrewed the pvc pipes from each other and dumped the contents (tons of eggshells, FYI). That did the trick and the sink was working properly again.
Thus the "Yay!" comment to an otherwise annoying inconvenience. Just goes to show that when life hands you clogged drains, make teaching moments. ;)

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