Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Educational & Self-Improvement Classes Online: Discovered by Ms. Wise & Ms. Otherwise

Whether you are looking for something for yourself, or to supplement the education of your children, these free classes are a great tool!

Free Ed -- This gives a pretty comprehensive guide of free internet courses in varying subjects. You simply click on the desired course and start learning. They have attempted to locate courses for which you don't need to purchase extra materials

BYU Independent Study -- It appears that everything you need for each course is right there online for you. They have a lot of free family history courses, religion, relationships, physical fitness and other courses. (If you are participating in the NVBL, the bowling course would be great!) -- This site is a place to find more places that offer free online courses. It is not too comprehensive a list.

Online Education Database --Here they list 200 college courses you can take for free in varying categories. It includes a short description of each.

Word2Word --This site has compiled a listing of language courses from all over the internet. There are too many to evaluate well. Interested in a language? take a look around.

Good Typing -- Simply learn to type here in several lessons.

Yale Open Ware Courses -- These courses use prerecorded lectures, etc. Some of the classes give you a final exam, some give you the final exam review, some have none, you can check back through your lessons to see how you did. It appears that you need to purchase some texts at least on the courses I looked at.

Berklee Music -- These courses appear to be partial courses of the complete course.

Notre Dame Open Ware Courses -- Here you probably need additional texts. The lectures appear to be class notes with some extra links to full-read materials and videos

Utah State University Open Ware Courses -- The courses I tried to preview didn't give a lot of information, but it looks like you simply have to click the button to download the course in its entirety. Some of the courses are right there for you without having to download, (ie the math). It is complete with lessons to read, homework, answer sheets, and quizzes.

Have you done any of these? Do you know of any more? Let us all know about them! Hope these are helpful.

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