Friday, January 2, 2009

Makiavelli's Latest "Stupid Shelf" Design--Monkey Madness!

I was going to post pictures from Christmas today, but the computer that has the pictures is gone. (Don't worry, it will be back.) Instead, you get the excitement of seeing my silly creativeness.

We took down all the Christmas decor today and the "Stupid Shelf" (Dust collector, whatever you want to call it) looked bare. I blogged a while ago about my stupid shelf and mentioned thinking about trading out the decor seasonally. I didn't have a lot of interesting stuff to put up there, so I had to get creative, thus the monkey madness. Monkeys in hats, monkeys in baskets. It works for us. Both Kevin and I love monkeys. Some of the monkeys are from my collection of stuffed monkeys from when I was a kid. The big purple one in the middle was a Valentines Day gift. He holds a sign that says "I love you". A couple monkeys are my children's.
And, in case you are wondering...No, I didn't paint that part of the wall yet. Maybe when I redecorate the next time!

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Lana said...

I loves those monkeys! I mean, if you're gonna have a stupid shelf, you might as well put monkeys on it :)