Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mama Rika Asks, "To Date, or Not to Date..."

Teenagers. I've written about them before. (See it here.) I have four teens. And, since I have four, a lot of things that go on around here involve them. I love hearing about their night's out. I love talking to them about their plans for the weekend.

We like to be creative. Creative costs less money. I like helping them brainstorm fun and silly ideas of things to do, or ways to ask someone out on a date. (Here are some of our ideas.)

Here is a recent event. Bub asked a cheerful chickadee to a formal dance by attaching a very large, long roll of paper with a message on it to the side of the girl's house. Under the sign was a silly little rhyme to ask her out. In return, the cheerful chickadee came to our house when Bub was gone for the evening and did this. (Yes, we knew she was coming.)

She had a little help from Nan. Those two giggled like crazy as they sprayed the confetti in every direction.
When Bub arrived home, he found the TP and a poetic note answering in the affirmative. His main concern was how in the world he was supposed to get to bed. Obviously, he made it. Getting back up in the morning, however, proved to be too much. (He was turning off the alarm on his phone and his eyes just didn't seem to be able to open.)
Okay, so that didn't really answer the question in the title, but oh well!

Share with us--what are some fun ways you have asked people out on dates? What have you done on a date that is totally a hoot, yet costs little to nothing?

What would a post be without a little friendly nagging to do your Spring Clean for 5?? Come on, now!


Bumm crew said...

In highschool-- a large group of us went out to the desert,had a bonfire and a guy read some poetry and then we just talked and had snacks and soda. It was a blast. We spent a few bucks on snacks and the rest was free. That is the most memorable date I have (other than formals of course)

Jodi said...

My husband asked me out on our first "date" by offering to take me and my cat to the vet... (the cat was sick and needed to go see the doc) and when we were done there he a'asked' me to go out for a coke. i thot he was a cat lover and wanting to actually help with it! lol we have been married for 16 yrs this July! So something muct have worked in his favour!

Lana said...

Haha, that is so funny. I kind of miss going toiletpapering. Never toilet papered someone's bedroom though. Maybe we should do Mormor and Morfar's bedroom at the Wren family reunion. Oops, I meean Farmor and Farfar.