Friday, May 29, 2009

My Baseball Players & My Garden--Mama Rika

Sticky took a gardening class this past semester. We decided to build planter box type things to hold our garden. We had some plyboard in the garage just laying around being useless. We cut it to size. Then, Sticky coated the boards with spare paint and stain to weather proof it a bit. After assembling the box (pink side in, of course), we attached chicken wire to the bottom of it to keep the gophers out. (Good idea, huh? Can't remember who to give the credit to for that one.) Then, we layered a piece of that black papery stuff that keeps weeds out. (Can't ever remember what that is called either!)
Then, we flipped the boxes over and filled with dirt which was a combination of our yard dirt and the stuff in sacks that you can pick up in the gardening department. (Don't you love my technical terminology?) We also planted some things in 5 gallon buckets that we drilled a few holes in the bottom to allow water drainage.

All in all, it worked out pretty well. There has been hardly any weeding to do. I don't recommend the soaker hose method--ours snagged twice and sprung leaks and it was hard to get it to reach all the plants!

In the picture below you can see a bit of the garden. I was actually taking a picture of the kids playing baseball in the cool of the evening, but you can probably at least identify the tomato plants sticking up! In the pic, Sticky is getting ready for the pitch.

Peanut has the nerf ball in hand, ready for the wind-up. Chubby is looking on and learning, as always. Learning, learning, learning!
Oh, and here are my lovely chives, that are now about 4 times more plentiful. Chubby actually enjoys picking and eating them. You can also see a few cute little toes and a stroller wheel if you are observant. :)

So, how does your garden grow?


Terresa said...

Love your family picture, surrounding the littlest babe. So sweet!

On gardening...I grew up in the high desert with a tenacious mom who gardened like the dickens. I'm still trying to learn her ways...

CompleteLee Blogger said...

I so hear you there! My mom has always had a great garden too. Mine is quite pathetic in comparison!

Laurie said...

My husband's the one that gardens! He has 2 green thumbs, that's for sure. We've eaten quite a few vegetables that he's grown.