Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mama Rika's Family Travel Kit FREE for 24 Hours Only!

I am a planner. I organize, plan and prepare, probably excessively. This can work to your advantage, though! You can get the benefits of all my planning without going through the hassle of doing it yourself!

Since I have kids that run the whole range from adult to baby, and I am a very frugal person, I modestly consider myself an expert in the field of family travel--fun & cheap. The travel kit I am offering is surely the most comprehensive one around.

Sitting in the car for long periods of time can drive a person crazy, but it can also offer many memorable experiences. I remember road trips growing up where Mom provided coveted snacks and Dad sang along with us in stirring renditions of "You Are My Sunshine". I recall trips with my kids where we got started on something silly and everyone couldn't stop laughing--like when we experienced the "road that never ends", or the tiny tot who kept making us "smile for the camera".

Included in my Family Travel Kit are:

1. A complete packing list for the whole gang that can be tailored to your individual family.

2. A snack food suggestions page for things that are good to eat and entertain in the car.

3. A comprehensive what-to-do-before-you-leave list.

4. Entertainment lists for babies & toddlers, young children, and older children & adults. These are NOT just ordinary ideas that are found on other websites that supposedly offers ideas to entertain kids in the car. Bring along the right toys, games, and objects that will entertain. These are tested and tried ideas that work!

5. A scavenger hunt template for your road trip.

6. Suggestions and tips on how to save money on meals while traveling, including what you can make and bring with you and making the most of eating out.

7. More than 60 fun songs for the road that you can load onto your .mp3 player, zune, ipod, laptop, or burn to CD.

8. An audio recording made especially to entertain babies & toddlers.

9. A couple of dramatic readings of stories for the kids to enjoy.

Caution!!--these paragraphs are going to sound like one of those obnoxious used car sales ad. Hmmm. Maybe not quite that bad. Skip ahead if you want, read on, if you dare!

Do you and your kids get bored on long road trips? Are you tired of hearing fighting in the car? Ever wonder what to do to entertain a baby who is tired of being strapped in a carseat? Want to get the kids doing something other than video games in the car? Do you want to travel and create fun family memories at the same time? These questions and concerns can all be resolved by obtaining Mama Rika's Family Travel Kit!

This travel kit is priceless, but I'm going to say it has a retail value of JUST $99.99! {Pretend that all these words that are presented in a different colors are actually flashing annoyingly.}Not only that, it is yours for FREE!!

Did you hear me? Yes, I said



FREE!!!!! {again, think flashing neon sign here}

So, what are you waiting for? HURRY! Go get it now!!

And, here is the fine print: This offer is good for a limited time only. After the expiration date of this offer, the product can be had for a low price, still a signifcant savings and incredible value! If for some reason you don't get anything good out of this kit, the sole cause for fault is completely and utterly yours. I am not liable in any fashion, way, shape or form for your misuse/disuse of the kit. Failure to obtain Mama Rika's Travel Kit could result in hairloss due to travel stress, extreme noise levels within the vehicle, sick children, fighting, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Driver's licenses are required by law to operate the family vehicle.

Click here to get your Mama Rika's Family Travel Kit now. Don't delay downloading it, because it is only available for free for this limited time. The free link will disappear 24 hours after this blog post has posted! Send your family and friends here to get their own too. They'll thank you for it. In the trial versions I have given out, I've gotten back feedback like, "Terrific!" "Awesome!" "Wow!" and "Great!"


Please feel free to share your awesome ideas for travel in the comments section!


Laurie said...

Perfect timing! We're leaving in about an hour, so thanks!! :)

Richelle said...

Thanks! This will be so helpful!