Friday, August 14, 2009

Want Stuff? from Ms. Cellaneous?

Hi! I'll be back soon, I promise! But, in the meantime, here is a little glimpse into one thing I have been up to.

In preparation for moving {Yes, we are moving, but not too far away}, I am going through everything in the house. Some things are winding up on eBay! If you are interested in some of the things I have for sale, go HERE. Or, just go to eBay and search for things from makplus (that is my seller ID). Or, click on one of the links below and then just "view seller's other items" link.
I have a whole ton of things listed, but here is a random sampling:

12 "Power of" Tales Books (See full listing here)
The Power of Trying Again (Abraham Lincoln)
The Power of Overcoming (Helen Keller)
The Power of Enthusiasm (Theodore Roosevelt)
The Power of Sportsmanship (Jim Thorpe)
The Power of Family (The Trapp Family)
The Power of Integrity (J.C. Penney)
The Power of Dreaming (Walt Disney)
The Power of Patriotism (Francis Scott Key)
The Power of Determination (Ronald Reagan)
The Power of Being Creative (Thomas Edison)
The Power of Courage (Florence Nightingale)
The Power of Industry (Benjamin Franklin)

This is my fun writing game that our family never wants to quit playing. Buy it here and it comes on a CD for your convenience. :)
College Sportswear: By the time I get done listing these hats, shirts and coats, there will be about 200+ Brand New items. They are listed at $.99-$1.99 each which is far below what they cost me in the first place. (If you know anyone that is a fan of any of the schools I have listed, send them my way!) Check back in the next few days and I'll have all the rest of these listed. {I suppose it will be more accurate to say my eldest son will have them listed since I have put him to work on this task}
Various Book lots: Homeschooling, fiction, kids books, etc. Felt Quiet Books to occupy little one while schooling older kids, or for church or just for fun. I also have listed my travel kit on 2 CD's, my Marika Lee CD, Childbirth e-book on CD, etc. Keep checking back for more good stuff! ;)
p.s. If you live close by and want to just come pick things up at my house to save on shipping, that is totally fine!

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