Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a Fun Day! (Mama Rika)

Not only did our favorite football team win on Saturday, but we were able to have wonderful weather for a barbecue and tree climbing! How many monkeys do you see?
Hmmm. I think he can reach the top.

Judging by the expression on both of their faces, you would think they aren't having any fun. However, both the oldest and the youngest had a blast. How could you not when lots of your favorite things are happening...lots of food, football, etc. In fact, Chubby sat on my lap for most of the game munching ice, chips and other things while watching ball! Ball! BALL!

Before the sun was completely down, Peanut had success in getting to the tippy top! :) You would never have known that was his hand had I not pointed it out, huh?
How nice it is to have a few hours of relaxation in the middle of the chaos of life. Sometimes ya just gotta get some, huh?!
p.s. there aren't pics of Nan simply because she chose the mall over football. (Imagine that.)

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