Monday, March 15, 2010

Mama Rika's Family FUNdraiser!

Lots of crazy things going on around here. Therefore, you get benefits! All proceeds go towards our college kids, missionary, moving and surprise baby. Thanks for passing the word along. :)

We have lots of stuff for sale. All online products listed below are 10% off with code. Anyone from anywhere can order these products. In order to obtain any of the rest of the items you would need to live close by so that you can pick the items up.

To receive 10% off any of the following new items, follow these instructions:

1. Go to my page on (or click the item link)
2. Click "Buy" and enter code ' IDES ' at checkout.
3. You will save 10% off your purchase!
4. Offer expires March 31, 2010 at 11:59 PM EDT


Childbirth: Preparing for the Miracle (book)
Mama Rika’s Travel Kit Sheet music: Peruse the pages of my lulu store to look at all these, or go here to see a list of all my songs (minus the ones I haven't had time to get updated). A lot of the songs on the list are free to download.

~~1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 part Vocal
~~Piano arrangements
~~(Any of my music)

If you want Angels Round About Us or others you don't see on the list, email me to get a copy.

Marika Lee “He’s the One” (CD’s) {This one isn't on lulu. Order directly from me and receive the great price of $5 + S/H}

Storyoni on CD (game) {Not on lulu yet, but should be soon, will update link}
Storyoni in binder (game) {Not on lulu}
Fairy Tales (audio books) {Not on lulu yet, but should be soon, will update link}

Collegiate Sportswear {Not on lulu, at the sale only.}

Baked Goods:

Cinnamon Rolls
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies


Holiday Pretzels Peanutbutter Cookies
Rice Krispie Treats Cobbler
& More

Kids for hire:
~~Yard work
~~Odd jobs-painting, house cleaning, etc.
~~Animal care
Bring your grain and we will grind it for you

Bookcases/shelves (2 like first pic) Also, black garage shelves.

Dining table (with 2 leaves)
Benches (2 identical)
Chairs (2 white back, 2 design back)
Granite coffee table (black. This matches the granite topped thingy below.)
Large granite topped “thingy” (We used it to hold videos, dvds, misc. in drawers. Matches the coffee table above.)
Large computer desk
Bunk bed (Wooden with ladder)
Entertainment center (tv & stuff not included)

Many different sizes

Varying sizes and shapes and styles




Knick Knacks
Educational items
Random other items

The only game you can participate in online would be the "Name that baby contest". If you want to share a baby boy name that you think would fit one of our clan, please email me with your entry.

Free stuff:

Weights set (bench with the round weights to add on)


Golf Magazines


I will add more pictures and links as they become available. Thanks for checking out this page. Feel free to share the link to this page with others.

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