Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where Have You Been?

Well, I realize I have hardly written a thing in forever, so here's a bit of catching up...
The pictures here are in random, not necessarily chronological order. Here's Kevin cozying up with the littlest. Kevin's new job had us moving far from home to a new spot that is home because home is where family is. ;) Here is me, helping Chubby not be scared of Santa. Princess had no problem of course.
Here we have Nanner, and cousin, after having put in a semester at college. She is currently living at home earning more money {filling orders for burgers and salads and also babysitting} before returning to college.

Patchy has been out doing a wonderful work among the people of Peru for over a year now. We enjoy getting his weekly updates where he shares inspiring stories, great faith, and a positive attitude. He has made his Mama proud. :)
Bub is currently away at college. This is how we talk to him every Sunday. He is charming the girls, diligently studying and letting his laundry pile up so much that his roommates made a dummy out of it to give him a clue. Haha!

Princess has, after having lost what seems like way too many teeth, gained a new grown-up looking smile. She is holding her newest baby brother who is currently 6 months old.

Here's my two middle boys and Chubby talking to Bub. Chubby needs a new blog name. Not sure what that will be yet. He keeps us laughing daily with his 3 y/o witticisms. Sticky has grown enough this past year to be able to catch up to his older brothers and Dad. Peanut has met the "lofty" goal of surpassing his mother. Sticky is about to embark on a new adventure, having just joined a golf team. Peanut is enjoying his Improv class immensely.

Here is our newest addition. For now, we'll just call him Thumbsucker here.

Now that you have been briefly updated, this post will come to a close. However, you will be pleased to know that Mama Rika, Ms. Wise & Otherwise, Makiavelli, Chef Maki, and the rest plan to not be such strangers any more. See ya soon. :)


leschornmom said...

I didn't know you had a NEW one!!! He is so precious!!!
It was so good to see your update! I hope all is going well! It sounds like it is!
Hope to hear from you again soon!

Grammy Staffy said...

What fun pictures. Congrats on your new darling little thumbsucker.
Welcome back to blogging.