Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ms. Cellaneous News

You may have noticed a few changes to CompleteLee Blog. I am hoping to continue upgrading the blog to make it more understandable and helpful. This is just a little news blurb to let you know that not only are there tabs under the family circle picture above that you can click on, but there are actually words and some pictures offering explanations now.

I also decided to get rid of a bunch of clutter. I no longer have a bunch of blog buttons linking to other sites. It just seemed to me like itcould really get out of control and I want this blog to remain clean and simple. If you like my blog you might tell someone about it whether or not I have linked to yours and 600 other blogs I may or may not ever visit. lol I want this to be a place to visit that is fun and helpful for you and family and friends. I don't want people to feel like there are so many things on this website that it becomes difficult to tell where the article written today is to be found.

Please feel free to share comments and suggestions you may have. Thank you for your patience as I slowly work my way up to full speed, adding blog upgrades and more frequent blog posts. As Thumbsucker gets older, it should go a bit more smoothly. One finger pecking at the keyboard while fending off little fingers grabbing handfuls of my hair and giving me two-toothed grins is fun, distracting, and time-consuming. Gotta love motherhoood. Pardon me while I go kiss some sweet baby cheeks.

Actually, I think I have said all I am going to for today. I shall go play with baby, then get some lunch, then clean, then work on more classes, then prepare for Sunday, et cetera, et cetera... Perhaps this post made at least a bit o' sense.

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