Monday, April 9, 2012

Mama Rika Life Update & Missionary Update--Mowers and More Mowers!

Princess at Easter.

More at Easter.

Sticky on Easter morning, covered up in bed with much noise going on about 3 feet away from his head!

Family frisbee golf outing.

Love Bug loved it!!!

Park Day!

You saw Virginia's Wall Street so I had to show Elder Connole this picture from a restaurant back home in return.  :)

Here's what happened with Elder Connole this week... 

This week really flew by! In fact, this whole transfer is flying by. Next week is Transfer week, so you can expect emails and whatnot on Tuesday next week. Also, just in case I get transferred, make sure when you send any mail that it gets here before Wednesday the 18th.
Here's this week:
We went to go help a new member with their Lawn Mower that wouldn't start. It was silly, because as soon as we got around to working on it, the darn thing started right up! We didn't even have to do anything to it. They live out in Honaker, about 30min away, so we ended up just teaching him a new member lesson in our Jeans and T-shirts since we didn't have the time or miles to drive to our trailer to change.
We went on exchanges with the Welch Elders. I went to Welch with E. Synderguaard, and E. Stoven was with E. Neilson in Richlands. Welch is so tiny! They only have two lane roads (sometimes only one lane, but two way) in the entire town, and only one stoplight. It's an old mining town, and everything is just kind of thrown together in between all the rolling hills. The Welch Elders actually have a truck rather than a car, since most of the roads would destroy a car.
We helped out one of their investigators with his yard work. We love doing service out here for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it is definitely the best way to get through to the people. Their hearts are always softened when you serve them. Just like how King Lamoni's heart was softened when Ammon was his servant. The other reasons are much less spiritual, but it sure does feel great to get out of missionary clothes and to do some good old manual labor.  
The Welch Elders were planning on having a baptism with E. His parents, weren't married yet, so that was the only thing really keeping them from being baptized as well. On Wednesday morning, we met with the whole family and had a great lesson on eternal families. J has had reservations about getting married in the past, but when we asked him this time, he agreed. L happened to be in the other room, so J surprised her the next day by asking her to Marry him. E was baptized this past weekend on Easter, and L will be baptized on the 15th. Sweet! It's cool to be a part of someones steps toward baptism, even if that baptism doesn't happen in your own area.
We went to go see A E. She wants to be baptized, and is finally doing it for herself, rather than because her family or the missionaries want her to. We had a pretty good lesson with her, she asked some questions about the Temple, and Sealing families together. She and her husband R were thinking about renewing their vows when Sis. S (A's member mother-in-law) asked them to consider going to the temple to be sealed and renew their vows that way. A also wants her daughter M to be baptized. She's nine years old, and has been waiting for either her uncle B or her Dad to be ready to baptize her. She's been waiting about a year, but both A and M are tired of waiting and want to just get it done.  We're excited to help them get to baptism.
Well, we had a bunch of appointments and plans fall through, which ended up being exactly what needed to happen. We got a call from a less active member asking us if we could help her start her lawn mower. Since we were right in the area, and our other appointments all canceled we were able to go. We couldn't fix her lawn mower, but we were able to use her other mower, and for the next couple hours we helped her with mowing and raking. It must have looked kind of funny since we didn't change out of our proselyting clothes. We had a great visit with her, and she invited us over for dinner the following week. It's interesting how we everything panned out just perfectly so we could help her out without worrying about other appointments to get to. The Lord knows where he needs his missionaries.
We helped out with the branch Easter egg hunt in the morning. We enjoyed a lunch of multicolored hard boiled eggs. While we were hiding the eggs, E. Stoven had the salt and pepper shakers ready just in case one of the kids dropped and cracked one of the eggs. We were pretty egged out after that. It was pretty fun though.
We had dinner with a member who lived way out in Grundy. It used a lot of miles, but the food was fantastic, and we got to see the epic 3 story walmart. There's only two walmarts like it in the world. The first two stories are a parking garage, and the top story is the actual store. They had to make it this way because they literally carved a space for the walmart out of the side of the mountain. They have small buggy escalators as well as people escalators to get you and your buggy up and down from the store. (they call shopping carts buggies here) It's pretty sweet!
Easter Sunday! We had 4 investigators at church! Yay! They all enjoyed the service, and were really involved with all the lessons. Afterwards we had a great dinner with the Branch President and his family way out in Tazwell. I wish I would've gotten pictures of the drive up there, but sadly, I forgot my camera. It was so beautiful. It looked like the type of scenery you'd find on calendar pictures. Hopefully I'll get another chance to.
That night we had a lesson with an investigator where we watched "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" Talk about a great movie :) The investigator really loved it, and it was a great teaching tool on the life of Joseph Smith. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it.
Love ya'll!

Elder Brayden Connole

Cat makes self at home in local library.  No one seems to mind.


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