Monday, June 4, 2012

Mama Rika Update...Missionary & Pics from Home

From My Missionary...

Unfortunately today, we were kinda rushed this morning, so I forgot to grab my journal. So the following will be my best recollection of the week from my memory.
Pday! Nothing really too exciting, Pday's are usually pretty fun with the H's.
We drove up to Grundy to have dinner with one of the members of the branch. It takes about an hour to get to their place. But they are one of the nicest families that I've met in my life. Plus they love the gospel to the max. The kids always astound us with the depth of their gospel knowledge. It was kind of fun to eat at their house cuz having all the little kids around reminded me of all the fun we would have back home. Their cute little two year old daughter kept sneaking behind my back and poking me. Afterwards she would scamper off giggling.
We had a great lesson with R on the principle of faith. The branch president came with us and pointed out something cool that I'd never thought of before. We were reading Alma 32, and he pointed out the similarities between that chapter and Luke 8 where Christ tells the parable of the sower. I thought it was cool that Alma taught basically the same thing almost 100 years before Christ did. I highly recommend taking some time and comparing the two sermons. Our branch president is legit.
Hmmm.... I think the coolest thing was probably that we taught some member kids the 10 commandments and they were so excited about it that they begged us to come back and teach them about Moses. Kids are great :)
One of our appointments in the morning fell through, it was kind of annoying because we had driven out so far to see them. Since we had driven out that far already, we decided that the Lord probably needed us somewhere out there. We tried a former investigator that was even more out in the boondocks. They invited us in right away, and we were able to start teaching them because of it. It's great how the Lord messes up your plans to make something better.
We also had a great dinner with the C's, and they were awesome member missionaries, and invited Rod, as well as a few other nonmember friends over to eat with us. We had a great lesson with the whole group afterwards.
Church was great, as usual. R came, and invited us to break our fast with him later that evening. It was great. He has been reading some General Conference talks lately, and has really enjoyed them as well.
Well, That's all I got, for this week. I hope you have a great week! Or, as preachers say in Richlands, I hope you have a blessed week.

Elder Brayden Connole

Pics from the home front...
When Carol came to visit, she received three pair of earrings  Princess had created for her, inspired by some she and I had seen at Kohls.

Princess and her friend at the pool.

The duck you can see in the picture actually joined them in the pool, much to their delight.

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