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Mama Rika Update "Wild West" Pics and More

Jerry Attriks and Mayor Gulch 

"Mom, Where am I?"

Missionary Update

It's been a crazy week so far, but then again, what weeks aren't?


For lunch we and another set of missionaries went to the Poky Dot (a local restaurant) to try our stomachs at the "He-man Challenge". The challenge is to eat basically a garbage can lid full of breakfast food (pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, toast, more sausage, biscuits and gravy, etc.) In retrospect it probably wasn't the best idea in the world since we had fasted the day previous, but we went ahead with it anyway. Well... unfortunately, the food won. I had a pile of potatoes left, and a biscuit with gravy when the time ran out. We felt horrible the rest of the day, but we may have to try again in a few weeks under better circumstances.


E. Boughan had found a newer (and much nicer/ less expensive I might add) apartment for us to live in. So, Since President Pitt was in town, he stopped by to look at them. He approved almost immediately, and also said they'd probably get the upstairs apartment as well. Reasoning that we'd need it for the mass influx of younger missionaries coming into the mission. We're unsure when we're moving in, but we will do so within the next month or so. In addition it also means that Fairmont is getting a second set of missionaries! Sweet!


We had interviews with President Pitt. Interviews went really well. I always enjoy the time spent with President. I really don't know where the time goes. President Pitt even asked me in the interview, "so, how long have you been out now? 8 months?" "Nope, I hit my year mark last week." I responded. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't feel like I've been out very long.

After interviews, we exchanged with the Elders on WVU campus. I gave my first baptismal interview, everything went well, and she was baptized the next day. Yes! E. Hawes and I did a ton of street contacting after that, nobody passed us without being invited to come to church or learn more. It was exciting! We had so many people to talk to! A couple of times, we would run into a group of people and start sharing the gospel with them. E. Hawes would be on one side, and I would be on the other, both expounding scriptures with a bible in one hand and a Book of Mormon in the other. A couple of times I almost wanted to grab a soap box and go from there, but since there weren't any handy, I did with just standing. It was a great exchange.


So we (me and E. Hawes) woke up first thing in the morning, and I felt horrible. I felt like I hardly got any sleep at all, and I was just miserable. We rolled out of bed, said prayers, then I went to the bathroom. I prayed and asked my Heavenly Father to please help me feel better, so I'd be able to work throughout the day. I got out of the bathroom, still feeling terrible, and said something along the lines of "alright lets get going". E. Hawes rolled over and replied, "Elder, it's like midnight, go back to bed." With exuberance for the addition 6 hours of sleep I shouted "Sing Praises!" and hopped back into bed where I rested soundly till 6:30am when the alarm went off. It was an interesting  answer to a heartfelt prayer. We never did find out what woke us both up at midnight. 

We ended our exchange, and E. Boughan and I went back to Fairmont. Later that evening we went out with our ward mission leader. Both of our appointments fell through and some of our back ups did as well. Somewhat disappointed, but still determined to work, we tried the neighbors of one of our fall through appointments. We began talking to him, and as soon as he found out that we didnt' believe in having multiple wives, he let us right in. We taught a lot of the Restoration lesson, and things went pretty well. The Lord really blessed us on that one.


Got a lot of less active work done. It was nice to be indoors visiting rather than outside tracting.


We tracted into 2 new investigators. Both were in their 80's, but they were at least warm and friendly, unlike the chilly autumn breeze outside. It's going to get cold this winter.We did some more member work, and then we went to a wedding reception. (free food what can I say?) We were the first ones to show up, so we were pretty proud of ourselves it doesn't happen often enough when we're on Mormon missionary standard time.


We didn't have any investigators at church :( however we were blessed to have a Recent convert show up. We'd never met him before, so it was exciting to see him there. We starting teaching the father and daughter of a family of 4, after which a member invited us, a less active member, and her part member husband to dinner. It was great! Good food, and a lesson with a baptismal invitation over the dinner table. He accepted our invitation to baptism, and we set him with a goal date. I love awesome members who are so willing to prepare people for the gospel.

That's it for today!

Love yins!

Elder Brayden Connole

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