Monday, December 3, 2012

Mama Rika Random Pics & Missionary Update...Moving Again!

Eating a carrot corn-on-the-cob style.

Dressed for the skit they did for Family Home Evening.  Take note of the all paper outfit made by Princess & worn by the littlest guy.
This shows three Lego forts we built for Peanut's presentation.

Princess decided to snap this shot of a sunset from our  back porch.

Brotherly love.

The 4 y/o read every word of all of these + more in one day.  Craziness!

Princess' Taj Mahal complete with reflection pool.

Missionary Updates...

November 26...

Hello Everyone!


We had the Elders from Mannington over and decided to cook a Mexican feast. Well, it didn't turn out quite as well as we wanted it to, but it was still pretty yummy. I need to learn how to make some real Mexican food, They just don't quite have it out here...

We also had a table top football tournament since it was Thanksgiving week. It was quite fun, even though we were unable to finish the whole tournament (it was double elimination) But currently I haven't lost yet.

That evening we went out with our ward mission leader to visit a few less active families in the ward. The ward was doing some thanksgiving baskets, and it was awesome to see their reaction when they saw us walk in with a large turkey and the rest of the feast.


Kind of a slow day, did a lot of less active and former investigator work. It was one of those days that we worked hard but didn't really get much out of it for that day. It happens, then we move on.


Wednesday evening we headed up to Rivesville. (about 10 min north and across the river) There we taught Teara. She's the 9 year old daughter of a family who is currently returning to activity. We were  excited to start teaching her. She is nervous but excited about her baptism and we were able to set her on date for the 15th of December. We hope it will make it a white Christmas after all.

Thursday: Thanksgiving!

The ward had their annual turkey bowl, I played the part of the line judge. It was pretty fun. We had dinner with the Bishop and family. Very enjoyable day.


Had a district meeting and went on exchanges, always a lot of fun.Found a couple of new investigators. One of whom used to be a member, but was excommunicated when she was younger. We'll see how that works out. There will be some more hoops to jump through when teaching her. Though they're excited to meet with us.


Exchanged back, taught a few investigators, had our weekly planning session. good stuff


Church was pretty sparse. Everyone was out of town, so we were dwindling on numbers this week. Plus the entire bishopric was sick or otherwise put out of commission. Thankfully Bishop Hansen  came to conduct sacrament meeting, but he left shortly thereafter.

That's it for the week!

Love ya!

Elder Brayden Connole

December 3...


We were able to have our p-day up in Morgantown. So we were able to go to the institute building up there and get some pool and ping pong played. It was a lot of fun. We were able to start teaching a part member family. He, the nonmember, is pretty cool. He's basically already a member. Apparently right before I came to here, he even gave a talk in church and did a really good job. Funny how that works some times.


We did quite a bit of tracting today. We went by a member's home, it was cold, and nobody answered. But I was suprised how much I enjoyed it then. E. Boughan was cracking jokes and telling stories the whole time.

Taught a few lessons, and visited a less active member and taught him about the Pre Earth life. It's pretty cool to see the difference that doctrine can make in someones life. When we know how much we've done before this life, we can realize how much we can achieve at and after this life.


We taught an excommunicated member the Restoration lesson. That was a first for me on my mission. It went remarkably well. and We hope to be able to keep her heading in the right direction. We also taught an older couple and challenged them to baptism. That was also really great.

Then later that day, E. Cole (the apartment guy in the mission office) gave us a rather unexpected phone call. He told us to move all of our stuff from the downstairs apartment to the upstairs apartment because a senior couple was coming in within the week. Remember, this is in the middle of the transfer, and we've been expecting another set of elders to come in. Well, while I was on the phone I walked around to our bedroom. ( I often pace when I'm on the phone.) To my surprise, there was a ton of water on the dresser in the room.

I looked up to see that our ceiling was dripping water. While trying to maintain my composure on the phone, I frantically motioned for E. Boughan to come and see. We raced around grabbing pots and bowls to catch all the water.

When I finished talking to E. Cole we called our landlord and he came and shut off the water and found the leak.


We moved for the majority of the day. E. Cole's instructions were to make sure that everything was out of the old apartment and that every surface was clean enough to eat off of. We cleaned a bit, moved a bit, then cleaned some more and moved some more. This will make the third apartment I've had in 2 months of Fairmont. It makes me sound like a bad resident.


Taught a part member family, moved. That's about it.


Finished the move and cleaned everything. (It's spotless now. I think even my mother would be proud) Then we picked up some little Ceasars pizza and helped a member out at the church. While we were at the church, We got a phone call from a nonmember. He told us that he's be at church tomorrow and was just figuring out some of the information. He showed up the next day and everything. Said he didn't want to convert, but wanted to learn more. Sweet! We'll be following up with that this next week.


Our nonmember friend showed up for  a really good fast and testimony meeting. The spirit was very strong as the members testified of the blessings of the temple. (they went on a DC temple trip on saturday) It was a good day for him to come to church. Hopefully we'll see more of him. He kind of disappeared right after church. It was a good day overall.

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