Monday, May 13, 2013

Mama Rika First Ever Whole Family Picture & Missionary Update

Modern technology allowed us to snag a picture of our whole family together in one live shot from three different locations!  Silly but fun first family picture.

Missionary Update

It's been a good week this week. A little rainy all throughout, but with enough sun to keep us going. And of course the week ended on a high with calling the family for mothers day.


 Pretty basic pday, except there was a lot of rain which we didn't expect. It kind of ruined our plans to mow our lawn. It's starting to turn into a jungle now. It's hard to keep up on stuff like that when your always on the go.


Not the greatest day, we didn't stick to our plans as much as we should've, so things didn't go quite as well as we wanted. I guess you live some you learn some, right?


It was a good day. We found out on Wednesday that we would be able to use skype to call home this time! YEA! The only catch was that President Pitt didn't want us to burden the members, so we weren't allowed to directly ask the members to use their skype. We could bring it up, but they had to offer to let us use it. It was very frustrating. Toward the end of the week I was seriously contemplating standing on the side of the road holding a cardboard sign that read "will proselyte for skype". Who knows, it may have worked. Thankfully, our ward mission leader was kind enough to let us use his computer. I was extremely grateful

We were blessed with many new people to teach this week. We were able to start teaching a couple who had been dropped last summer. The previous missionaries just weren't able to keep in contact with them. They were still very open to us coming over and meeting with them, and it sounds like they may start  coming out to church soon.


We've been trying to meet with a guy named C for the longest time. He's the overseer of about 10 congregations, and the previous missionaries had been coming by before E. Warner and I stopped in. We felt like we needed to stop by, and we were finally were able to meet with him.

Cool Experience:  We were trying to find a different investigator's house. Her name is I, we had taught her outside last week, and we didn't really know which apartment was hers, nor how to get into the complex the right way. We wandered around, checked in doors, went into a lawyer's office, and ended up accidentally in someones messy home (don't ask, it was weird). Finally we were around back and we asked a lady who was sitting on her porch where the apartment was. We ended up giving her and her husband a Book of Mormon, and they invited us back that weekend. If we had never been lost, we would've never contacted those people.


We got a media referral a few days ago, and we were finally able to contact them. He's a less active member, who wants to return to activity, and she's his non-member fiance. They're both interested in taking/retaking the missionary lessons so that She can make a decision as to whether or not she wants to join the church. We'll see how it goes. It's a really good situation, and I'm excited for it.


We did a lot of walking again. There were these two cute dogs that just started following us around downtown Beckley. We called them our tracting dogs. They followed us for a couple blocks before the latched themselves onto a family walking the other direction. It was pretty fun.

We were able to have dinner with our Bishop. His wife did a good job and made it a several course meal. E. Warner wasn't expecting this and thought that the salad  and rolls were the main course. Lol we were wondering why he ate so many rolls. It was pretty funny.

Later that evening we were able to take a member out with us to see a less active member. The visit seemed rather unproductive as far as teaching goes, but she was able to make it out to church the next day. Sometimes people just need an invite I guess.


Highlight of the day was definitely calling home. I was able to skype home, E. Warner chose to just use the phone. I caught a few clips and phrases from his side of the conversation that just made me chuckle

"No, we don't eat that here, people are pretty normal"

"Missionary work is the greatest, you just talk to awesome people all day about the gospel"

"Everyone smokes here"

"You can park on the grass and nobody cares!"

I wonder if I said similar things on my first call home. :) Probably.

Talking to the family was great. I was able to see how big the my younger siblings are getting. Of course one of the first things I did was have Dad, D and S stand next to each other to see how big they were. They've turned into monsters now they're huge! It was a cool setup that we had, P and A skyped in on one computer from Provo, the rest of the family from home, and I came in from Beckley. We took our very first family photo together, and it reminded me a little bit of the scene from Flubber where the professor finally gets married. He was on the screen and back at home, while she was at the chapel.   We had most of the family all bunched together on the couch, My face on one screen, and P and A on another. It was a great moment.

That was my last phone call home before I get back. crazy right? 

love ya!

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