Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grab some grins!

Everyone could use a good grin, right? Here’s a few funnies from the last couple of months. These are things that happened with my kids.

1. Princess (the 5 year old) tried to remember the word immigrant when we were doing a history lesson today. She said those people were called “nibbits”.

2. Chubby (4 months) is funny. He has discovered his feet and just likes to lay there holding onto his feet and grinning.

His favorite toy is a nerf dart that lost its suction end. He gnaws on it like crazy as its interior fills up with saliva. Then he takes and flicks it with his hand so that anyone within range gets a nice shower.

3. We’ve had relatives in town for Patchy’s (18) graduation. With Grandpa staying at our house, I threw my bathrobe on over my pajamas. I don’t wear my bathrobe often because it is rather hot. So, when we all gathered for family prayer, Princess (5) asked, “Why do you have that on?”

Rather than go into any long explanations I just said, “I am trying to maintain some sense of modesty.”

She chuckled and came right back with, “No, Mom, tell me the truth!”

4. We read tonight from Proverbs 13: 4 -- “The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.”

Sticky (13) said, “I don’t want to be fat!” We read again and discovered it is the soul that is to be fat, not the physical body.

Patchy (18) then quipped, “So, I will have a fat soul in a skinny body. At least I will be ‘full’ of the Spirit.”

5. At the dinner table tonight, Sticky became impatient with something I had said and slammed his hand down. His hand hit the end of his fork, catapulting it into the air and smacking him in the head. This got a chuckle and a “serves you right” type of response.

What happened next really had us rolling in the aisles, though, as we watched Peanut (10) mimic Sticky. His 3-pronged fork caught him square on the nose. Someone said, “It’s a good thing that fork didn’t have only 2 prongs, or you would have poked both your eyes!”

We were all laughing so hard. Peanut had tears come to his eyes. I believe he realized you can learn from other people’s dumb mistakes, or you can try it out for yourself!

6. Peanut (10) came to me with a plastic container that he had taken from the fridge. He questioned, “What’s this?

I said, “It is evaporated milk.”

Peanut’s response? A very puzzled look. Evidently my answer did not make any sense to him when he pondered the meaning of evaporated.

Hope you enjoyed a laugh!

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